Every photo of Tatiana Maslany and her She-Hulk double is awesome

Google isn’t always the most reliable source on these questions, but it claims that She-Hulk: Lawyer star Tatiana Maslany is 5’4″. And so is her human character She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters. But when Jen transforms into She-Hulk, she grows a lot bigger. In the show, the She-Hulk characters are a CGI creation – but those effects are obviously added to the show in post-production.

For the actors, directors, and various staff who need to make sure to film everything with She-Hulk properly, Maslany has a double for his She-Hulk scenes; actress Malia Nahinu. According to her Instagram page, Nahinu is 6ft 5in, which means she is one foot (and one inch) taller than Maslany. And like the photos from the set of She-Hulk show, it’s pretty hilarious when they’re together. They’re wearing the same suits (because, after all, when Jen transforms into She-Hulk, her clothes don’t change either), but one is just much bigger than the other.

Here is a still from the set of a recent episode. I like how normal pants on Maslany become capris on Nahinu.

And here are some images from this week’s wedding episode. Guess which of the three women is the replacement for She-Hulk!

It’s good. Hope the eventual Assembled special on Disney+ on the making of She-Hulk includes plenty of footage from the behind-the-scenes process of filming She-Hulk on set, and features plenty of shots of Maslany and Nahinu together. The GIF potential alone is off the charts.

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