‘Extraction’ Is No Longer Netflix’s Biggest Movie


Netflix’s metric in terms of audience tracking has always been a bit murky, and their new metric of hours watched instead of households broadcast shakes things up a bit. The streaming service announced in its third quarter earnings report that it would no longer be based on accounts showing at least two minutes of the program, but instead on the total number of hours watched. This new system takes repeat viewings into account and has changed the ranking of the most popular Netflix originals of all time.

Extraction, an intense action drama starring Chris Hemsworth and written by Joe and Anthony Russo, has long been billed as Netflix’s greatest movie, but was knocked out of first place by Sandra’s sci-fi nightmare Bullock Bird box. Based on these new measurements, Bird box took first place with 282 million, and Extraction comes second with 231 million hours of viewing. To complete the top ten are Irish (215 million hours), The kissing booth 2 (209 million hours), 6 Underground (205 million hours), Spenser Confidential (197 million hours), Enola Holmes (190 million hours), Army of the dead (187 million hours), The old guard (186 million hours), and Murder Mystery (170 million hours).

Although having been eliminated from the first place, Extraction was still a huge hit for Netflix and even got a sequel. Deadline was the first to report in May 2020 that a sequel is happening. The news came after the media learned from the film’s writer, Joe Russo, that he had made a deal to write a second screenplay. No other details have been revealed, but it is likely that Hemsworth will return and Sam Hargrave will return as a director. “The deal is made for me to write Extraction 2, and we are in the stages of forming what history can be, ”Russo explained with Deadline. “We don’t make a commitment yet as to whether this story is moving forward or backward in time. We’ve left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience.”

Extraction follows Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake, who is “a fearless black market mercenary with nothing more to lose,” according to the Netflix synopsis. The story follows him as he is called upon to find the son of an international crime lord who is imprisoned. Hemsworth recorded a video post to Instagram thanking his fans and followers for the overwhelming support during the first week of the film’s first week on Netflix. “I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who checked out Extraction – you’ve made it the number one movie on the planet right now, and it looks like it’s going to be Netflix’s greatest feature of all time, which is absolutely breathtaking. “

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