Famous Fathers: Australia’s Best Famous Dads



Guy Sebastien

Guy and his wife Jules Sebastian were just teenagers when they reunited, but a few years later the childhood sweethearts welcomed their sons Hudson and Archer in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

When he saw a documentary Guy Sebastian: The Man The Music on his life, the Choral hitmaker confessed that “some trigger points “made him really emotional.

Talk to 9Entertainment, he explained, “My kids of course I’m always so emotional about my kids.”



Grant denyer

Grant and his wife Chezzi Denyer just added one more baby girl to their family, and we love how Family quarrel the host is with his daughters Scout, Sailor and Sunday.

Grant confessed that he was afraid to miss every little moment and even said that his wife and children helped him overcome his old battles with depression and prescription drugs.

In a conversation with The Daily Telegraph, Grant said: “It was a time when I didn’t really care whether I lived or died. I felt like I had nothing to live for. That’s the only thing that kept me going. made it go on at worst, the fact I had someone who loved me and depended on me, and I couldn’t let her down and I think maybe that was the only thing that helped me. “

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James stewart

The At home and away The star may share her Girl Scout with ex Jessica Marais, but her nine-year-old daughter ended up playing a big part in her proposal to now married Sarah Roberts.

“[My daughter] Scout watches movies with princesses marrying princes, so it was a gag for a long time where she was like, “When are you going to do that?” You better do it quick daddy! You are going to lose it, ”he said.

The father and daughter duo are just perfect, and we especially love seeing them with James’ twin brother Nick and daughter Grace. Family goals!



Hamish blake

The father of two learned valuable lessons about locked out parenting, explaining that “you improvise all the time” to keep the kids entertained.

“You have to be like, ‘Guys, come over here, team group. Heard there is a bug outside and we have to find it. It’s somewhere under the bushes’ ”, Hamish, who shares his son Sonny and daughter Rudy with his wife Zoe Foster Blake, said.

“You have to keep the hype because otherwise they’ll feel it’s very boring. It’s become my whole life try to overdo boring activities.



Karl Stefanovic

The Today’s show host shares three of his children Jackson, 22, Ava, 16 and River 14 with ex-wife Cass Thorburn, but once again experienced all the joy of his new father when his second wife, Jasmine Yarbrough, gave birth to their daughter, Harper.

“I like to think I was a really good father along the way,” Karl admitted to Australia Daily Mail before the birth of her youngest child.

“I think every dad would have a level of insecurity about his quality, but at the end of the day my kids are loved.”

WATCH BELOW: Karl Stefanovic’s daughter signs a new gig on Today. The post continues after the video …

Lleyton hewitt

On the tennis court he’s a legend, but off the court he’s Bec’s husband and Mia, Cruz and Ava’s father.

Lleyton describes the privilege of raising his daughters as “life’s greatest gift” and also noted that the three children “were going to have lifelong memories” of being on the pitch with him.

In fact, Lleyton’s only son, Cruz, is his carbon copy and has already proven that he is going to follow in his tennis superstar father’s footsteps.



Daniel macpherson

Neighbors actor Daniel Macpherson and his At home and away Ex-wife star Zoe Ventoura quietly welcomed her baby boy Austin Xavier in December 2019 and Daniel admitted that he quickly learned to be present.

“Looking back, you can’t make decisions about parenting life when you’re not a parent,” he said. Samantha Gash’s podcast.

“There are things in our DNA, in our cells that we don’t even know about that wake up when you look back at a little version of yourself looking at you saying ‘Love me, hold me. , feed me, hold me. ‘ When all of a sudden the next job doesn’t really matter. “



Michael clarke

Despite the end of things with his wife Kyly Clarke, the cricket superstar has spoken openly about co-parenting of his beloved daughter, Kelsey-Lee.

“I actually think Kyly and my friendship are now as strong as they’ve ever been. We still talk every day and I think you’ve heard Kyly also say that we will always put our daughter first and a big part of it is a friendship between mom and dad, ”Michael said on KIIS 106.5. Kyle and Jackie O Show.

He is clearly in love with his little “princess” and even taught her how to be the perfect drummer!



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