First Look at Thor’s Chris Hemsworth in New Netflix Movie

Chris Hemsworth Could Return as Marvel’s God of Thunder Thor: Love and Thunder later this year, but he has another movie on the horizon.

And no, we’re not talking about Extraction 2Is.

We’re actually talking about the next Netflix thriller spider headbased on the short story by George Saunders for the new yorker, Escape from Spiderhead.

netflix released three new images from the Joseph Kosinski-directed drama last week, revealing Chris, Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett in action.


jurnee smollett, miles cashier, spider head


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The dystopian and psychological whirlwind is set to hit the streaming service on friday june 17. And it looks like you’ll need that time to prepare.

First announced in 2020, spider head follows two inmates who become test patients for a drug that claims to control their emotions and feelings.

Sounding as intense as it is disturbing, the film is meant to examine the conflict between free will and personal responsibility, as well as the question of whether humanity is inherently good. You know, the little things in life.

chris hemsworth, miles cashier, mark paguio, spider head


In slightly lighter news related to Chris Hemsworth, the first official trailer for the upcoming love and thunder epic came out recently.

In our first look at Taika Waititi’s return to Asgard, we get a glimpse of what’s happened since the Multiverse of Madness was firmly opened by Doctor Strange.

chris hemsworth thor love and thunder

marvel studios

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The movie will give fans a cross closure of the Avengers: Endgame cliffhanger, too, like Thor 4 reveals what happened when Thor hitchhiked on the Guardians of the Galaxy ship.

New merchandise from love and thunder also hinted at Natalie Portman’s arc as Jane Foster and how she becomes to wield Mjölnir as Mighty Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder has a release date of July 8, 2022.

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