From Chris Hemsworth to Alexandra Daddario: 5+ Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Pet Parents


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When normal people like us have pets, it’s just as normal as we do, but when celebrities have pets and post their photos on social media, it’s extraordinarily important. Fans just can’t stay calm when they see their favorite Hollywood stars with their pets. While some have animals as chic as they are, some have the cutest animals of all time. Take a look at some of the celebrities in their most pet friendly outfits: –

Chris Hemsworth – Chris loves his dog so much that he complimented his dog Sunny for appearing on the cover of a well-known publication. Sunny has been a part of Chris’s family since 2014 and his whole family adores this little furball.

Dwayne Johnson – The Rock adores his boyfriend Hobbs, who is named after his Fast and Furious character, to the point where Hobbs follows him wherever he goes, including to the gym every morning to work out.

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus has had strange and tragic things that have happened to her dogs in the past. She had a husky named Floyd before this dog, Emu, who died and devastated her heart. She tweeted about her loss, and during her show she even sang for a giant statue of Floyd.

Emilia Clarke – Emilia’s dog Ted has given her and us joy the past few months with the gorgeous puppy seen doing it all from hopping in a cab to walking around London.

Ariana Grande – Coco C. Suzy Grande, Ariana Grande’s Dachshund-German Shepherd mix, is the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Coco also has a Twitter account.

Victoria Justice – Sammy and Sophie, Victoria Justice’s Bichon Frize and miniature schnauzer mix, was a Christmas present from her parents in 2008.

Ian Harding – Ian Harding collected his adorable pets Bailey and Mochi from a rescue center in Los Angeles. Her Instagram is full of beautiful Labradoodles.

Alexandra Daddario – Named Levon Daddario, Alexandra has a dog as a pet and she loves him like her own child. He can be seen in most of his Instagram posts and it’s quite adorable to see them together.

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