Fury Road’s Mad Max was written for Mel Gibson

While many critics praised the unbalanced approach Tom Hardy took to Fury Road’s Mad Max, these mannerisms were written with Mel Gibson‘s Max in mind.

Although many fans were surprised at how Tom Hardy’s lopsided portrayal of Max in road of fury was of Mel Gibson’s more stoic version of the character, it was recently revealed that the sequel’s bolder anti-hero was originally written for Gibson. Thanks to a secret Easter egg, fans of the madmax the movies now know that Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy’s Mad Max are the same characters. However, Max’s face wasn’t all that changed between movie outings.

Late 2015 madmax continued road of fury, Max is more wild and nervous than ever. As portrayed by Hardy, he has lost most of his ability to socialize with others and barely speaks for most of the sequel’s runtime. Many fans of the franchise love this reimagining, feeling that it differentiates Hardy’s take on the character from Gibson’s stern, yet well-spoken version of Max.


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However, according to Kyle Buchanan’s 2022 book “Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road, the messy elements of Hardy’s performance that made his Max so memorably different from Gibson’s were actually written in the original script with Mel in mind. Far from reinventing Mad Max, road of furyRather, the script and storyboards strove to bring the existing character to its logical conclusion. According to storyboard artist Mark Sexton, “tThe whole point was that there had to be something at least a little new to bring Max down to a base level of almost inhumanity. The idea was that Max would start off completely crazy. He had been there too long and he had lost what made him human.


The idea was a drastic departure from previous films in the franchise, which mostly portrayed Max as a rugged individualist but still a man with his wits about him (albeit severely psychologically scarred). Roger Ebert’s favorite madmax movie, Beyond Thunderdome, went even further, making the titular madman sane enough to broker peace between warring tribes and take on an even more active heroic role in the story instead of acting like a gun. In contrast, road of fury was meant to portray the effects of decades spent wandering the wilderness as a lone wanderer, even when Gibson was supposed to be the actor behind this troubled, mentally ill antihero.

Fortunately, Tom Hardy made the role his own when Gibson left the role, and the fact that the script changed Max significantly led most critics and fans to see his version of the character as a separate entity from the movies’ hero. previous ones. Although Mad Max: The DesertMax’s much-delayed story will apparently expand more on Max’s past, road of fury peppered with clever moments that showed the depth of Max’s psychological trauma and its effects on his day-to-day existence. For example, when Max is captured near the opening of the film, it is because he is distracted by an hallucination of a little girl whose life he failed to save. Moments like this made Hardy road of fury representation of Mad Max is different from Gibson’s more stable character, despite the role being written for the older actor.

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