Ghostbusters Afterlife footage shows a new take on Slimer-like Ghost Muncher


The Ghostbusters: Afterlife images show a new take on Slimer’s ghost, Muncher, as well as a fresh take on young actors, including Finn Wolfhard.

Two new images of Ghostbusters: the afterlife reveals a new take on the Slimer-like ghost Muncher and a new take on the young cast. Ghostbusters: the afterlife is the fourth entry in the ghost hunters franchise and the closest thing to a sequel since Ghostbusters II, which was released in 1989. Picking up thirty years after the events of that film, the new entry features a younger cast picking up the proton packs and setting out to take out ghosts, including Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Logan Kim and Celeste O ‘ Connor, as well as new adult cast members including Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon.

The original cast is also set to make an appearance, though how they fit into the plot is still a mystery (except for those who saw the movie at CinemaCon earlier this year). Another famous “cast member” of the original films was Slimer, the funny green ghost blob who quickly became a fan favorite (and helped coax the term “he slimmed me down”) and featured prominently. place in the animated series. While there have been Slimer teases appearing in Ghostbusters: the afterlifeIt’s unclear if he’ll actually appear in the movie, although he already did in the brutal 2016 reboot directed by Paul Feig.

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Today, Empire released two new stills from the film, including a look at the ghost Muncher, who looks remarkably like Slimer himself. The big, green, toothy ghost is sure to grab the attention of audiences, as well as the young cast, who are also featured in a new image. The footage was part of a reveal for the outlet, which plans to drop an interview with original director Ivan Reitman and his son, Jason Reitman, who heads that incarnation. Asked about the making of the film by his son, Reitman said: “I was amazed he wanted to do it. He really had his own direction. He worked for years to establish his kind of achievement and his own distinctive talent, and then he wanted to get into this field, something that was already so famous.

The young director, who made a name for himself with films like Juno, in the air, and Young adult, was apprehensive, but wanted to carry the torch that his father had lit by saying: “For me, it’s this idea of ​​making a film for my father, which carries on a legacy that was presented to me when I was seven and that was a deep part of my childhood, as it was a part of it. everyone’s childhood. “Reitman’s last film was the biopic The front runner, with Hugh Jackman. Meanwhile, Ivan’s next project appears to be the sequel to his 1988 hit. twins, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. The rest will be called Triplets and the original stars are expected to return, adding Tracy Morgan as a third brother.

The attraction of returning to the world of ghost hunters is steeped in nostalgia and seeing Slimer (or a ghost that looks like Slimer) can sometimes be enough to bring you back there. For a franchise called ghost hunters, it’s amazing how secondary they are to the real subject of the movies, the Ghostbusters themselves. These are still the characters that made the franchise great, especially the original cast of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. The new cast is a solid bunch of newcomers and hopefully they can build something new and new on the back of the legacy of the original cast while bringing back some spooky favorites and even scarier new ghosts. . Ghostbusters: the afterlife opens on November 19, 2o21.

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Source: Empire Online

  • Ghostbusters: The Afterlife (2021)Release Date: November 11, 2021

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