Harvey Weinstein’s defense focuses on his abnormal testicles

Lawyers for convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein have accused the injured party of being unreliable due to the failure to mention his abnormal testicles.

According Variety, the subject has already been raised several times and should remain at the center of Weinstein’s defense. Speaking to the jury, Assistant District Attorney Paul Thompson discussed details of a 1999 surgery in which surgeons were forced to remove parts of Weinstein’s genitals “due to an infection”. Thompson clarified that the former Hollywood producer’s “testicles were actually taken from his scrotum and placed in his inner thighs.”

Taking the stand on October 24, a European model known as Jane Doe #1 accused Weinstein of violent sexual assault. Speaking via translator, she recalled the events of 2013, saying Weinstein forced her to “suck him and suck his balls”. in a hotel room. She added, “He made me do what he asked…I was crying, I was choking.”

Following Doe’s testimony, Weinstein’s attorney Alan Jackson accused her of changing her story, referring to one of her conversations with police. According to Jackson, she told them, “his balls were in your mouth.” After accusing her of changing that specific detail, Jackson said, “The reason you changed your story is that you realized at some point that Mr. Weinstein didn’t have testicles in his scrotum. “

Jane Doe later disagreed, saying she mentioned details of Weinstein’s genitals to law enforcement in her initial statements: “I remember he didn’t have any,” he said. she stated. “It was like an empty skin.” She later noted, “I was confused. It wasn’t on my mind to call for help…I was fighting. I was grabbed by him…I regret not fighting and not defend myself.

Earlier in October, Mel Gibson was called to testify against Weinstein after one of the accusers, Jane Doe #3, revealed details of the mogul’s assault on the actor. According to prosecutors, Gibson claimed that Jane Doe #3 gave Weinstein a massage at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2010. As they left for the bathroom, a naked Weinstein followed her and masturbated. He pleaded not guilty.

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