Hed and Dek are launching a bridal magazine, written in the style of a bridal magazine

So she said yes and made you the happiest of men. What happens afterwards? Months and months of wedding planning, of course! These ideas — designed for the generic, presumably heterosexual groom, whom we’re finally talking to the same way we’ve talked to brides (also generic and heterosexual, obviously) for decades — will ensure that you and your sweetheart have the day of the day. fifty thousand dollar marriage of our industry’s dreams.

“Sixteen Boutonniere Alternatives to Let Everyone Know You’re No Ordinary Groom”

Let conventional men settle for roses and carnations. You’re not like other boys, that’s exactly why she chose you to be her husband. Stand out from the crowd with the hottest and trendiest dried flowers, berries and herbs to adorn a lapel.

“Fifty Tips for a Seamless Tuxedo Shopping Experience”

What should your budget be? Do you need to book an entire day or just five hours? Should you invite the mother of the bride? From flirty boxers to sports-themed cufflinks, our wedding experts guide you through every painstaking step of the magical journey of getting dressed for the big day.

“Busy Bellhops Need This witch hazel and lavender aromatherapy to slow down »

Modern grooms are busy, busy, busy, with their jobs and other interests. But planning a wedding should be fun! After all, like the majority of men who get married, you will only do this once or probably twice, maybe four times at most.

“Any groom can make these cute DIY cake toppers (even if you’re not Martha Stewart!)”

Crafting burlap, pine cones and rustic twigs into the perfect fairy tale cake topper may seem like a daunting task for most grown men, but these fun ideas will inspire you to channel your inner artist. Oh dear!

“Winter Brides Share Tips for Staying Warm”

Your heart may be on fire with love, but your basal body temperature certainly won’t be if you’re a December groom. Sexy muffs, stoles and gloves are must-have accessories for the stylish, wintery groom. If you’re Scottish, why not pay homage to Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart’ and add a tartan shawl to the mix?

“Boho-Chic Wedding Ideas for the Free Spirit Groom”

Not all men are formal “normals”. Some brides want to march to the beat of their own drum circle and embrace the hippie aesthetic. Up your groovy quotient with these Jerry Garcia-inspired looks.

“Ten essential things to know about Prince William’s wedding shoes”

They may not have been the focus of the royal wedding talks – that honor obviously goes to her garter belt! — but we can’t stop talking about these gorgeous dapper black flats, a departure from HRH’s usual cashmere Arthur Sleep slippers.

“Homemade elixirs to make your skin glow on your wedding day”

Isn’t it every groom’s dream to be told how beautiful his skin looked as he walked down the aisle? Before your wedding day facial, you’ll want to spend at least two weeks making sure your skin is hydrated, revitalized, and as luminous as Mel Gibson’s in “Lethal Weapon.”

“Sexy Costumes for the Daring Groom”

sometimes what a guy really wants his co-workers and his partner’s family members to stare at him and be so overwhelmed with lust that their eyes comically pop out of their sockets. Hubba-husband!

“Do you dare Not cry! Look at these fathers giving away their sons”

Is there anything more romantic than when a man’s father hands him over to the woman who will be his rightful wife? Crank up the volume as you watch this harrowing montage tuned to Dear by Celine Dion Bon Jovi’s most schmaltzi songs.

“Vintage wedding rings that will make your hairy finger look incredibly gorgeous”

These breathtaking antique rings bring the glorious history of heterosexual marriage straight into your 21st century vows. What says “This wedding is going to be amazing” better than a craft band from the days of legal cover? ♦

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