Here’s how much Mel Gibson is really worth


According to Celebrity Net WorthMel Gibson sits fairly at an estimated value of $ 425 million. Since his divorce settlement with ex-wife Robin Moore in 2011 cost him $ 400 million, according to the Daily mail, this is really something. It was worth $ 850 million before, in other words!

With all the controversy in the star’s personal life, it’s easy to forget how much of a multi-faceted and prolific Gibson really was. After all, his directorial debut, “Hamlet,” came in 1989, the same year he starred in the following to the iconic buddy action comedy “Lethal Weapon”. “Lethal Weapon 2” was such a success that, according to Celebrity Net Worth, it won $ 10 million for “Lethal Weapon 3” and $ 25 million for “Lethal Weapon 4”.

It was Gibson’s decision to take his chances in his directorial endeavor, however, that won him hundreds of millions. As Forbes reported, after spending fruitless years trying to fund his favorite project, the years 2004 “The passion of ChristGibson ultimately poured $ 30 million of his own money into the film’s budget (not including the estimated additional $ 15 million used for marketing, bringing his total investment to $ 45 million). predicted that Gibson would have personally made $ 300 million from the film’s revenue in 2004, but that was not all. The religious-themed money maker also made Gibson $ 50-100 million in merchandise sales and $ 75 million in DVD and video sales.

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