Highest-Grossing Movies That Never Released Widespread

Claudie Ossard Productions

Highest-Grossing Movies That Never Released Widespread

Audrey Tautou in a scene from “Amelie”

Dreamworks Pictures

#50. House of sand and fog

Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley stand next to a car and look at each other seriously.

thousand words

#49. Religious

Bill Maher talks to a man dressed as Jesus.

Touchstone Pictures

#48. 25th hour

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton and Barry Pepper toast with a photo at a bar.

bold movies

#47. Whiplash

JK Simmons and Miles Teller chat over drums


#46. The Untouchables

François Cluzet and Omar Sy in a scene from Les Intouchables

BBC movies

#45. Enchanted April

Polly Walker in a scene from “Enchanted April”

Cottonwood Pictures

#44. The tree of life

Brad Pitt looks on in awe while holding a baby’s foot.


#43. De-Charming

Ashley Judd, Kevin Kline, Kevin McNally and Sandra Nelson enjoy cocktails in a stone courtyard.


#42. Bullets on Broadway

John Cusack and Dianne Wiest sit on a park bench surrounded by blooming flowers.

Channel Four Movies

#41. secrets and lies

Two depressed-looking women are sitting in a restaurant.

Pictures of Colombia

#40. The tailor of Panama

Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Lee Curtis swim in the water with only their heads above water.

Fox projector pictures

#39. The namesake

Tabu, Kal Penn and Zuleikha Robinson at a traditional Indian feast.

Anhelo Productions

#38. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Maribel Verdú at a lavish Mexican wedding.

Focus characteristics

#37. broken flowers

Bill Murray is sitting at a little girl’s table having tea with her.

Dave Bell Associates

#36. The long walk home

Whoopi Goldberg stands on a bus with other black passengers.

SFI Productions

#35. monsoon wedding

A group of happy people dressed for a traditional Indian wedding take shelter from the rain.

Beacon communications

#34. The engagements

A training group.

Fox projector pictures

#33. Jackie

Natalie Portman stands in a doorway as Jackie Kennedy with her children.

jellyfish movie

#32. Tea with Mussolini

Cher in a black and white silk dress and pearls.

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

#31. The heart that is in Desert

Nicolas Cage sits in the back of a classic car and watches a smiling Laura Dern as the sun sets.

The Samuel Goldwyn Company

#30. The Madness of King George

Helen Mirren holds Nigel Hawthorne’s face and looks worried.

Hell’s Kitchen Movies

#29. In America

A couple and two girls playing carnival games.

Focus characteristics

#28. far from paradise

Julianne Moore and Dennis Haysbert speak in front of fall foliage.

Universal images

#27. Mo’ Better Blues

Denzel Washington playing the trumpet under a red light.

That’s it Productions

#26. 21 grams

Sean Penn with smoke rising beside him.

Channel Four Movies

#25. Trainspotting

Ewan McGregor smoking a cigarette in a smoky room with colored lights.


#24. motorcycle journals

Rodrigo de la Serna and Gael García Bernal laugh and ride their motorcycles.

Voltage Images

#23. The Hurt Locker

Guy Pearce fleeing an explosion.

little monsters movies

#22. Free Solo

A man in a red shirt freely climbing a monolith.

Fox projector pictures

#21. The Last King of Scotland

Forest Whitaker as a dictator giving a speech.

Castle Rock Entertainment

#20. Best of Show

Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy speak in front of a small dog before a show.

Arka Mediaworks

#19. Baahubali 2: the conclusion

A confident man stands on top of an elephant looking into the distance.

Production Icons

#18. Hamlet

Glenn Close comforting an ailing Mel Gibson as others look on worriedly.

South Pacific Pictures

#17. whale rider

A large group of people rowing in a long boat.

United Artists

#16. Bowling for Columbine

Michael Moore interacts with a cashier at a store


#15. Like water for chocolate

Lumi Cavazos holding a baby in a kitchen.

Avenue Pictures

#14. The player

Tim Robbins sitting on a black leather sofa in front of old movie posters.

Cecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica

#13. The postman

An Italian postman with his mail bag in his hand talking to a man sitting on the beach.


#12. Billy Elliot

A young boy practicing ballet with an instructor.

Renaissance movies

#11. A lot of noise for nothing

Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington on horseback.

Pictures of Colombia

#ten. Leftovers of the day

Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson chat on a sofa in the evening.

BBC movies

#9. Match point

Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks to Matthew Goode and Scarlett Johansson, who are smiling as they hold each other’s arms.

Laurent Bender Productions

#8. An inconvenient truth

Al Gore standing in front of an image of the globe.

tomboy movies

#seven. Waking up Ned Devine

A group of people cheering in a bar with beers in hand.

Hell’s Kitchen Movies

#6. In the name of the Father

Daniel Day-Lewis and Pete Postlethwaite with bloody faces.

New Market Capital Group

#5. Memento

Guy Pearce looks tattoos all over his body.

Merchant of Ivory Productions

#4. End Howards

Emma Thompson kneeling in front of Anthony Hopkins and shaking his hand.

New line cinema

#3. Society Threat II

Two men are looking seriously at something in the distance.

Claudie Ossard Productions

#2. Amelie

Audrey Tautou sitting in a bed looking at an album in front of a red wall.

CiEn 2000

#1. The piano

Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin in black are staring at someone.

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