How Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee helped Nicole Kidman through her darkest times.


“[S]he gave me the chance to stay there and we were able to go and audition,” Nicole confirmed in a new interview with the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

“You would go and come back and you would go for a few weeks and do auditions and hope to break it.”

Years after hitting the big time, Nicole once again leaned on Hugh and Deb for support as she went through a traumatic breakup with Tom Cruise.

“When I got divorced, Hugh and Deb were so much a part of my healing,” Nicole said candidly. The Australian Women’s Weekly.

Hugh, Deb, Keith and Nicole


“They were some of my best friends during that time.”

Naomi Watts and Rebecca Rigg, then wife of Simon Baker, were also part of the close-knit circle.

They were all with Nicole when she won the Golden Globe for Red Mill! in 2002, just a year after she and Tom separated.

A source tells new idea that the fact that Hugh and Deb supported Nicole “through the best and worst times of her life” means the star will always hold a special place in her heart for the beloved couple.

Nicole, Naomi, Bec


“Deb knows all of Nicole’s secrets, which is why she and Hugh helped get her back on her feet after her divorce.”

As well as going through a very public split from one of the biggest stars on the planet, Nicole was deeply upset when the split meant she was spending less time with her and Tom’s children, Isabella and Connor.

Since Deb and Hugh are also adoptive parents, they were in a particularly good position to sympathize with the actress.

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“Not seeing her children was devastating for Nicole, but Deb and Hugh shared that pain as they had just adopted [son Oscar].”

Once again, it was the Jackmans who helped Nicole through the dark days.

“It’s so rare to find people you can really trust in this business and Nicole knows she has it with Deb and Hugh,” the source explains.

“She and Keith feel very lucky.”

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