Hugh Jacked-Man Strikes Again – We’ve Got That Cover

Image: Marvel / Disney (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

X Men and The greatest showman Star, Hugh jackman, looks ragged in a new photo he posted on Instagram.

While the star is expected to appear on Broadway as Professor Harold Hill in The man of music, Jackman’s latest photo shows he’s still in top form for Wolverine.

While Jackman has repeatedly confirmed that Logan was his last appearance with Wolverine, it’s hard not to think the Aussie would be perfectly suited for another round. Jackman appeared as the iconic X Men character 10 times, if you include the archive images used in Deadpool 2.

There have been rumors for a few years that Jackman might make an appearance in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Jackman insisted he wouldn’t appear as Wolverine in the MCU, but it wouldn’t be the first time an actor has denied a role he was later confirmed for.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe configured to restart the X Men franchise, fans are wondering who will play Wolverine. Jackman is in fantastic shape, but it’s likely Marvel would want a younger actor to play the furry Canadian hero if the franchise is told all along. That said, we think no one would complain if Jackman returned for a cameo or a the old man logan series.

Even if he doesn’t return to the MCU, Jackman looks great! What do you think he’s fit for: The man of music, or something else?

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