Hugh Jackman and 9 other actors who returned to roles after a long hiatus

The internet went into a frenzy recently when it was announced that Hugh Jackman would have reprise the role of Wolverine in the highly anticipated Dead Pool 3.

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Jackman isn’t the first actor to be tempted to reprise a role he once turned his back on. In fact, with the prominence of legacy sequels and franchise revivals, actors return to their most iconic roles with frightening regularity. And we just can’t get enough.


Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

Hugh Jackman first donned the adamantium claws in 2000 with x-men. Over the next two decades, he appeared as a fan-favorite character in nine more films, three of which focused entirely on his character.

Although he initially said Logan would be his last outing, the opportunity to bring the character into the MCU alongside his real-life friend Ryan Reynolds was clearly too exciting to refuse. Details on his return have been scarce so far, but fans are already buzzing with anticipation and desperate hope that we’ll finally see Jackman donated. Wolverine’s iconic comic costume.

Laura Dern – Ellie Sattler

Jurassic World: Dominion had fans excited not only because it was the end of one of the most iconic franchises of all time, but also because it saw Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neiland Laura Dern return to the roles they made famous in jurassic park. Unfortunately, the chemistry between the original trio was one of the few bright spots in the disappointing finale.

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Dern didn’t get much screen time, which led many fans to believe that the film failed as a legacy sequel. After all, how could a film with such iconic characters seem so dull and hollow?

Keanu Reeves – Neo

It’s safe to say that almost everyone assumed that the story of Neo’s fight against the machines ended with The matrix revolutions. After all, the character was first blinded and then eventually died in order to ensure the survival of mankind. Eighteen years later, however, Thomas Anderson was alive and well, alive in an incredibly meta new version of The Matrix.

Keanu Reeves returned with its charm and likability, but the surrounding film fell flat. Action scenes that had once been groundbreaking and awe-inspiring were now boring and generic, and the new cast fell short of what had come before. The Matrix Resurrections disappointing box office results mean Reeves is unlikely to reprise the role.

Mark Hamill – Luke Skywalker

Marc Hamil had a long and successful career, but he will always be best known for playing Luke Skywalker, one of the fiercest Jedi warriors of all time. After decades away from the franchise, he returned to the final moments of Episode VII: The Force Awakens to spark frenzied excitement among fans.

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His return wasn’t exactly what us fans were looking for, but it was still an absolute treat to see Luke Skywalker wielding a lightsaber once again on the big screen. And in an even more surprising twist, a younger version of the character returned to the star wars television universe.

Tobey Maguire – Spider-Man

In what was one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire both returned as their own iterations of Peter Parker in the record Spider-Man: No Coming Home. The fact that the whole world knew they were going to appear didn’t spoil the experience.

Maguire was just as charming and serious as he was in 2002 and seeing him bounce off Garfield and Tom Holland was easily one of the highlights of the film. With many others upcoming movies in the multiverse saga, there’s a good chance we’ll see Maguire return yet again. Crossed fingers.

Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford just can’t stay away from the whip-wielding archaeologist who became such a big part of pop culture in the ’80s. After nineteen years away from the franchise, he’s returned to the iconic role of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulla film that sadly disappointed and disappointed audiences and critics alike.

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Fortunately, Indy’s quest for the Crystal Skull won’t be his last adventure. Ford will reprise the role again alongside Mads Mikkelsen and Phoebe Waller Bridge in the highly anticipated Indiana Jones 5. James Mangold is configured to lead after Steven Spielberg’departure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator

Much like the franchise’s titular character himself, it seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be back to reprise his most famous role. Through various sequels and reboots, Schwarzenegger has returned to riddle his enemies with bullets, learn humorous catchphrases, and steal clothes from as many bikers as he can find.

Unfortunately, since Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the franchise has been lacking in quality, and the beloved character has never received the farewell he deserves. The next time he’s asked to come back, we think Schwarzenegger should hang up and watch the original film instead.

Sigourney Weaver – Ellen Ripley

Turn your back perhaps most iconic final girl of all time is no small task, and it is one that Sigourney Weaver struggled with for years. After putting on back-to-back sensational performances, she returned twice more to battle the horrific creatures she had barely escaped from in her lifetime.

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Unfortunately for fans and Weaver, the franchise’s third and fourth installments didn’t live up to what had come before. Although it is led by David Fincher, Alien 3 took the franchise in a strange direction. And Alien: Resurrectiondespite better reviews, was unable to rekindle interest in the franchise.

Ralph Macchio – Daniel La Russo

If you didn’t grow up admiring Daniel LaRusso and his incredible crane kick, we can’t be friends. But even still, after two mean sequels, it seemed by Ralph Macchio the time in the dojo was over.

Fortunately, the unforgettable Karate Kid the characters have found a new home on the small screen in the hugely popular Cobra Kaia continuation of Daniel’s ongoing feud with Johnny Lawrence (Guillaume Zabka). Season five of the show premiered on Netflix earlier this year, and expectations are high for the upcoming sixth season.

Linda Hamilton – Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton doesn’t often return to the impressive role of Sarah Connor, but when she does, fans sit up and take notice. Even though she hadn’t appeared in any of the sequels since Terminator 2: Judgment Dayshe dusted off her shotgun and got back into Sarah Connor’s signature shoes for Terminator: Dark Fate (2019).

Seeing Hamilton share the screen again with old nemesis turned friend Arnold Schwarzenegger was a delight, and it’s such a shame we’ll never see what james cameron and Tim Miller had in mind for the planned follow-up.

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