Hugh Jackman backs Ryan Reynolds after emotional anxiety post


Following Ryan Reynolds’ emotional post about his battle with anxiety, his friend / foe Hugh Jackman showed his support for the Deadpool star.

Hugh jackman showed his support for Ryan Reynolds after the dead Pool star’s emotional post on anxiety. Jackman and Reynolds starred in the much-criticized X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where the Australian actor once again portrayed Wolverine as Reynolds first played ‘Merc with a Mouth’, albeit in a less than stellar version of Deadpool’s character. Although their Wolverine and Deadpool characters never came together onscreen due to Jackman’s retirement as Logan, the pair have become the most popular of friends, taking every opportunity to make fun of each other. with an obvious wink and a nod.

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The never-ending feud between the two actors continued with Jackman stating that he would make a Face / Off remake with Reynolds until the two weren’t on set together. However, more recently they have increasingly used their tongue-in-cheek rivalry for good by making fun of each other while raising awareness about different issues or causes. In November, Reynolds and Jackman joined Sam’s Club for a contest asking fans to donate to their respective charities, and Reynolds even recounted an advertisement promoting the Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee brand which donates its profits to fair trade initiatives. Despite the humorous approach, the collaborations show their supportive friendship, which Jackman once again showed by replying to Reynolds’ recent Instagram post.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and to help raise awareness, Reynolds shared a touching Instagram post about her “Longtime buddy, anxiety.” In his message, the dead Pool The star notes that he delayed publishing the post because he pushes himself beyond what is due to his anxiety. He then writes, “To those like me who overshoot, overthink, overwork, worry and most of all, know that you are not alone.” The actor also said that, “We don’t talk enough about mental health and don’t do enough to de-stigmatize talking about it.” In response to his friend’s heartfelt message, Jackman showed his support by commenting: “Mate – your honesty is not only courageous, but I’m sure it will help countless other people struggling with anxiety. Of course, you!” The full post can be seen below:

Based on their history of social media interactions, it’s surprising to see this moment of true support from Jackman. But at the same time, that’s not at all surprising, given that the couple clearly have a strong friendship that goes beyond the movies. Reynolds’ post isn’t the first time he’s acknowledged his battle with anxiety, as he’s previously said playing his Deadpool character is a great tool to help him overcome the anxiety of doing interviews. promotional. However, as the actor states in his post, there isn’t enough talk about mental health, and this new post is another post to raise awareness about mental health. Jackman is certainly right when he writes Reynolds’ Honesty “Will help countless other people struggling with anxiety,” because it can help a lot to know that a star like Reynolds is going through the same struggles as them.

While it’s fun to see Hollywood stars laughing at each other on social media, it’s also great to see the more real and human side of their friendship come out as well. It’s possible that this post from Jackman will only increase the desire to see him revive his Wolverine character for Deadpool 3, which according to another tweet from Reynolds designed to raise awareness about mental health, was going to be a travel film starring Deadpool and Wolverine before Disney bought Fox. Regardless of the fact that Jackman appears in Deadpool 3 or not, fans will love reading his message of support for Reynolds.

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