Hugh Jackman has no excuse in new viral laughter video


Hugh Jackman officially lost it, at least that’s how it appears. The former Wolverine star posted a video of himself giggling foolishly with the caption “I have no excuse”. What pretext? What triggered the laughter at first? We cannot say for sure. Seems like someone off camera is asking him what his worst movie is, but at press time that is unconfirmed. In the event that this has been the question posed to Jackman, it seems like he immediately had an answer in mind, movies like Van Helsing, Movie 43, and Deception all featured the actor and could have been what he imagined.

Movie 43Jackman’s lowest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes with a hilarious 4% rating, was an anthology comedy starring a ton of A-List stars, all in quick sketch-like sequences, including one where Jackman plays a man on a blind date (with Kate Winslet no less) who is revealed to have a paycheck of testicles under his chin. The film was shot immediately after its release despite a cast that also included Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Richard Gere, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman and Naomi Watts, even director James Gunn played a brief role in it, filming a brief scene that the credits are played.

Jackman has previously shared his feelings for Movie 43. In a video promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film with time travel at the heart of the plot, the actor made a video for Yahoo! where he “interviews his young self” and says this:

“When they come to you with the idea of ​​putting testicles around your neck and being a part of this hilarious set of some of the funniest movies of all time, don’t believe them. You can take the testicles, because you use them a lot at parties and it’s a good laugh, but the movie you could do without.

Granted, this is an eight second clip with no context and only half a sentence at the start, it’s not entirely clear what caused the old man’s full-fledged laughter fit. Marvel actor. With that in mind, if you’d like to have the exact opposite reaction to what Jackman posted above, you can watch his full scene from Movie 43 in the player below. Even he wouldn’t want you to.

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