Hugh Jackman recalls bombing his Miss Congeniality audition against ‘the incredible’ Sandra Bullock

Hugh Jackman attends ‘The Music Man’ Opening Night at Winter Garden Theater on February 10, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images); Sandra Bullock attends ‘The Lost City’ premiere during 2022 SXSW Conference & Festivals at Paramount Theater on March 12, 2022 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Gary Miller/WireImage)

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Hugh Jackman almost joined Miss Conviviality as a romantic lead role.

Talk with Variety, he revealed he auditioned for the role of FBI agent Eric Matthews in Miss Convivialityopposite Sandra Bullockof memorable undercover agent Gracie Hart.

The actor, 54, said he didn’t really want to star in the film, but his agent asked him to go so they could negotiate another role.

“Nobody knew x-men yet,” Jackman said. “I was nobody.

So he went to read with Bullock, now 58, and confessed that it hadn’t gone so well. For one thing, he said, it was his first time testing with another actor. “I was impressed that she was in there. I didn’t expect her to be in there. I guess she tested eight people with it.”

The moment they started reading, Jackman said he was amazed.

“‘Holy shit! She’s amazing! And so quick and fast. I’m not even vaguely aware of it here,'” he recalled thinking of Bullock. “I was pedaling as fast as I could, but I didn’t know the script well enough.”

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He didn’t get the role, which went to Benjamin Bratt, and said it ended up being an embarrassing moment in his career.

“It’s humiliating, when your agent says, ‘I don’t want you to get this job, but go for it. And then you don’t understand,” Jackman said.

Miss Conviviality and x-men the two dated in 2000. Jackman went on to play Wolverine in the hit x-men franchise, and he will take over the role in the third to come dead Pool.

In September, Jackman and Ryan Reynolds announced the news. Speaking to PEOPLE on Tuesday, Jackman confirmed his role would be much bigger than a cameo.

X-MEN: THE LAST CLASH, Hugh Jackman, 2006

X-MEN: THE LAST CLASH, Hugh Jackman, 2006

20thCentFox/courtesy Everett Collection Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

“I think being on set with [Ryan] every day and these two on the movie in every city together every day… I think it’s fair to say they’re gonna bump into each other all the time,” Jackman said.

“All jokes aside, I’m probably going to have more fun with this movie than any other movie I’ve ever done,” he adds.

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