Hugh Jackman responds to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool MCU debut


Ryan Reynolds made his long-awaited MCU debut as Deadpool this week, and understandably Hugh Jackman couldn’t pass it up without a funny comment.

Hugh Jackman gives hilarious answer to Ryan Reynolds’ recent MCU debut as dead Pool. Famous foes Jackman and Reynolds have spent years making fun of everything from their films to their respective companies, and it all started when Reynolds first came out as Deadpool. The two actors met on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and their feud grew out of a few cheerful ribs against Scarlett Johansson. It even spread to Reynolds dead Pool movies, with several jokes about Jackman’s role as Wolverine throughout the first two.

Earlier this week, Deadpool finally arrived in the MCU, albeit in a way few fans could have predicted. Reynolds dressed up as his rude alter ego for a video promoting his latest film Free guy, as Deadpool reacted to the trailer alongside Thor: Ragnarok‘s Korg (Taika Waititi). The video has shaken the internet, in large part because Reynolds hasn’t played Wade Wilson since 2018 Deadpool 2. A third film is in development at Marvel Studios and should properly integrate the character into the bosom of the MCU.

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It wouldn’t be a viral Ryan Reynolds moment if Jackman didn’t add his two cents, and that’s exactly what the X Men the actor did. Jackman commented on Reynolds post for the free guy video and joked that he didn’t mention it at all. “Wow! 4:12 and no mention of me. DP your therapy works !!!“he wrote. You can see a screenshot of the comment below.

Hugh Jackman comments on Ryan Reynolds Deadpool MCU Instagram

Considering how the free guy video has snuck into a lot of Marvel jokes, it’s quite surprising that Reynolds didn’t take any hits against Jackman or Wolverine. Since Jackman quit playing Wolverine in 2017 Logan, Reynolds attempted to bring him back into the superhero game for a dead Pool movie. So far, his efforts don’t seem to have worked, although it should be noted that Jackman recently posted some curious posts about Wolverine. It’s unclear what the future holds for Marvel projects.

most recent from Reynolds dead Pool the appearance was a funny surprise, and the fact that he advanced a playful moment between himself and Jackman only made it better. Their friendship has become a source of great entertainment over the years, and the two have even used it for charity during the pandemic. We can assume that once again news Deadpool 3, Jackman will be among the very first to comment. Maybe he’ll even make an appearance. It might be too much to hope for, but then again, anything can happen when friends and Marvel are involved.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds / Instagram

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