Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds with a funny image of BTS from Broadway

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has been trolled by Hugh Jackman set to play Wolverine in Deadpool 3 by comparing himself to Jackman’s child co-star on Broadway.

Even though Dead Pool 3 is still a few years away from hitting theaters, Hugh Jackman is already dragging Ryan Reynolds from Broadway. Jackman, who is an esteemed stage performer, is currently starring in an adaptation of The music man on Broadway. Meanwhile, Reynolds is waiting Fiery, its adaptation of A Christmas Carol, will be released in theaters on November 11, in addition to working on the development Dead Pool 3 for Marvel.

Reynolds hasn’t unearthed the Merc-with-a-Mouth costume since 2018 Deadpool 2and audiences haven’t seen Jackman as Wolverine since Logan, which was released in 2017. Both characters are fan favorites within their film franchises, and both actors seem to be among those fans as they do more than enough to bring the characters to life, both in the movie. screen and off screen. This is why the news of Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine in Dead Pool 3 made such big waves, even in a year with so much Marvel news and the end of Phase 4 approaching with the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Since the announcement that Reynolds and Jackman would be uniting onscreen, however, the pair have taken to social media to rub shoulders as they prepare for production.


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Although Jackman is currently on Broadway, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have Wolverine on his mind. Jackman recently shared on Instagram (via The Direct) It was “I’m just doing a little stage work with Benjamin Pajak, Ryan Reynolds’ body double. The resemblance is disturbing.The story post shows Jackman in the foreground, waving his fingers as if they were Wolverine’s signature claws, and Pajak, Jackman’s 10-year-old boy. music man co-star, in the background wearing a Deadpool mask. This shot at Reynolds was reassuring, showing that Jackman is equally enthusiastic about reviving Wolverine as fans need to see him back in the role, and may he and Reynolds’ friendship remain lighthearted in nature.

Jackman and Reynolds’ friendship is a good sign for Deadpool 3

The Jackman and Reynolds friendship has been going on for years now, and without it, there might never have been a Wolverine and Deadpool crossover movie. After the release of Logan, Jackman publicly stated that this would be the last time he would take on the role of Wolverine. With Dead Pool 3 however, Jackman has clearly changed his mind, which bodes well for Wolverine and Deadpool fans. Whether dead Pool past movies mean whatever we can expect joint performance feuding with Cable and Deadpool, played by true friends Reynolds and Josh Brolin. If the on-screen chemistry resembles that of Brolin and Reynolds, fans should be very excited for Dead Pool 3.

It’s nice to see the two return to these roles together, especially after the disaster that was Wolverine: Origins. Knowing the two actors and their friendship, however, fans can surely expect an encore of the movie in the next one. Dead Pool 3. The film, which has been confirmed to be rated R, will be show a much angrier Wolverine similar to that of Logan. While very few details about the film have surfaced, the combination of Jackman and Reynolds humor, and the promised unrestrained violence should do for fans of the long-awaited Wolverine and Deadpool movies.

Source: Hugh Jackman Going through The Direct

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