Irn-Bru: Scotland reacts as Brexit disrupts supplies and deliveries


It’s probably fair to say that the Scots are not taking Irn-Bru’s supply disruption very well.

Beverage maker AG Barr has reported “increased challenges” with its deliveries due to road transport and supply chain issues currently affecting a range of UK sectors.

The Cumbernauld Company also pointed out “the risks associated with the larger labor pool and the current response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” but warned that “the commitment and capabilities of our workforce ‘work and our supply base will be very useful to us in these uncertain times ”.

But it does not appear that this confidence has spread to Barr drink enthusiasts yet, including his famous Bru.

“First they took our essence, now our Irn Bru,” lamented one fan on Twitter, sharing a scene from Braveheart.

Others ran with the Mel Gibson theme and likened the situation to something Mad Max.

For some it was “the apocalypse”, while another said: “We can live without a lot of fuel and we can live without a few less rolls of toilet paper but we will NOT live without Irn Bru.”

Then there were the calls to arms …

“York got sacked for less,” one user tweeted, while another said: “Irn Bru, who is running out of energy over Brexit, will be the event that finally triggers Scottish independence . ”

Comic book Susie McCabe suggested Barrs patch Tizer’s production to focus emergency efforts on the best of the best.

And a former fictitious trader was ready to step in to help those affected. Sanjeev Kholi, who played Still Game’s Navid and Ramesh on the radio sitcom Fags, Bags and Mags, suggested people grab a glass bottle of pineapple instead.

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