Is HBO’s His Dark Materials Returning for a Third Season?


Lyra’s story isn’t over yet as a BBC-HBO co-production Its dark materials will be back for a third and final season. Yep, you read that right, the last season.

For those who are not familiar Its dark materials is based on three novels by Philip Pullman. Season 1 follows the book “The Golden Compass”, Season 2 followed “The Subtle Knife” and now Season 3 will follow “The Amber Spyglass”.

The stories follow Lyra Belacqua and her demon Pantalaimon as she discovers that her world is not the only one that exists and that a greater intrigue is at stake regarding demons and the mysterious phenomenon called Dust. Her journey is often guided by an alethiometer that can provide Lyra with answers to questions about the past, present, and future.

Some may remember The golden compass 2007 film which starred a very talented cast like Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eva Green.

While there is no release date yet, Season 3 will be the final season of His Dark Materials.

Its dark materials Also has a star cast with talents such as Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, Lin-Manuel Miranda and James McAvoy. Digital Spy has provided some key facts about Season 3, including the unfortunate news that it may not be released this year.

Since filming was postponed, the trailer date also remains unknown. According to Jack Thorne who spoke to The Guardian in December 2020, “I’m rewriting it right now. We are going ahead with the scripts because we have to be ready to film next summer. “

The good news is that several actors will be reprising their roles, including Keen (Lyra), McAvoy (Lord Asriel), Wilson (Mrs. Coulter) and Amir Wilson (Will). With the loss of several characters in the last season alone, like Lee Scoresby (Miranda) and Colonel John Parry (Andrew Scott) perish more for Lyra to fulfill her destiny?

How well will Season 3 follow the book? Perhaps more importantly how will Lyra’s journey end?

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Catch up to seasons 1 and 2 of Its dark materials on HBO Max.

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