James Gunn posts video of Chris Pratt eating bug to celebrate birthday


Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is celebrating Chris Pratt‘s birthday by sharing a video of the actor eating a Crane Fly on social media.

To celebrate Chris Pratt’s birthday, James Gunn shared a video of the actor eating a bug. Gunn and Pratt worked together on the set of guardians of the galaxy and its sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy: Book 2. Gunn made both installments while Pratt starred as Peter Quill (aka Star Lord). The two will soon be reunited for the production of the third part, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which should be released in 2023.

Originally scheduled for the premiere in May 2020, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has been delayed several times. However, Gunn and Pratt appear to have taken advantage of the downtime between guardians of the galaxy films while undertaking several other projects. Pratt is currently promoting his new film, The war of tomorrow, which will be released on July 21 and also recently filmed Thor: Love and Thunder with Chris Hemsworth. Meanwhile, after a temporary dismissal of the guardians of the galaxy, Gunn agreed to lead The suicide squad, which will be released in August. Despite their divergent paths, Pratt and Gunn’s friendship seems to have remained strong.

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To celebrate Pratt’s birthday, Gunn took to Instagram to share a video of the actor eating a Crane Fly. In legend, Gunn wished his “happy birthday”buddy for life ” and revealed that the video was taken when Pratt visited him at his home. It is unknown why Pratt ate a bug, but he responded to Gunn’s post by calling himself “mosquito eater. ” Check out Gunn’s post below:

The hilarious video is a heartwarming look at Gunn and Pratt’s friendship. Isn’t it surprising that the two formed a bond after working a lot together on the guardians of the galaxy cinema. When Gunn was fired by Disney, one would have assumed it would put a strain on his relationship with the guardians of the galaxy crew. However, Pratt and the rest of the cast remained deeply supportive of Gunn and greeted him enthusiastically. It is touching that despite the controversy and the distance, the two have kept in touch and become longtime friends.

It’s heartwarming that Pratt and Gunn have another chance to work together on Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The pandemic and Gunn’s dismissal caused a lot of delays and uncertainties around the film. However, now that Gunn has been rehired and a release date has been set, things should start to take shape soon. Gunn revealed that he had already completed the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, as well as the scenario. He also recently revealed that filming is scheduled to take place later this year, so more Gunn and Pratt moments will be seen very soon.

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