Julia Fox denies claiming to have copied Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox could be inspired by Kim Kardashian’s style but this time she did it first. The actress has been accused of copying Kim’s outfits on multiple occasions, so when she shared a photo wearing a breastplate, fans couldn’t help but think she stole Kim’s look of his recent campaign for KKW Fragrance. However, according to Fox, she rocked the unique outfit in October for Halloween.

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Julie Fox, Kim Kardashian

Considering Halloween was months ago, it’s a little odd that Fox posted the photo in February without any explanation. However, once people started to assume she stole Kardashian’s look again, she clarified in a follow-up post that she was actually channeling The Smurfs and not keeping up with the Kardashians. “FYI, I wore this on Halloween 2021 and I was supposed to be a Slutty Smurf. I forgot to post it. PS. The chest plate is by @JacqueLabel,” she explained

Fox has been what fans call a “supporting queen,” as far as Kanye West is concerned. Not only does she support his interest in makeup by letting him do his daring smokey eye, but she also shares his message on her Instagram. On Tuesday, she reposted Ye’s black square with the words “Black Future Month” and tagged it in the caption, adding an infinity sign.

It’s unclear what Ye has up his sleeve for the month, but on Tuesday night, he shared a link about his stories about returning home from Donda Academy in Miami, Florida. Described as a “one-of-a-kind basketball event,” the academy hopes to defeat Christopher Columbus High School in its inaugural event. The game starts at 7 p.m. and tickets range from $35 to $500 with the requirement that fans wear black.

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