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Venom: let there be carnage crashed in theaters in early October. The bloody and violent sequel to 2018 Venom sees Tom Hardy return as Eddie Brock, host of the title’s alien symbiote. In Let there be carnage, Eddie must put aside his differences with Venom to put an end to serial killer and alien host Cletus Kasady, who transforms into Deadly Carnage. While the title of the film was clear, concise, and to the point, there was apparently another name that was considered. And it’s really very good.

Talk with Collider, director Andy Serkis discussed other title possibilities for the film. One idea was actually inspired by British Gothic music. “We thought for a moment that he might be called Love will Tear Us Apart, it was a concern for a little while, ”Serkis explained. “Corn Let there be carnage just seems to do it. There weren’t a lot of arguments over the other titles we were thinking of. Because he was such a strong competitor.

Love Will Tear Us Apart ”is of course the title of a song by British gothic rock band Joy Division. If that ended up being the title, the creative team could do a lot with it. Even though it would have cost a lot of money to acquire the rights to the song, it would have been cool if Venom 2 incorporated it into the promotion of the film. We know how much audiences love slowed down covers of sad pop songs in movie trailers. Not to mention, if the film was titled Love will Tear Us Apart, it might even have drawn a whole new demographic of viewers – the Joy Division fans. There are definitely some hardcore music fans out there who would go see the bloody action movie just for the title.

Always, Let there be carnage manages to get the point across in a straightforward manner, incorporating a pun intended touch with the word ‘carnage’. Audiences didn’t seem to care either, with the film marking the pandemic’s biggest national opening weekend to date.

Venom: let there be carnage is in theaters now.

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