Lin-Manuel Miranda refused to lead the Oscars

As the search for one or more conductors for the 2022 Oscars continues, the composer Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals to People that he is not in the running, and that presenting the prestigious ceremony is not in his strings, when he has already been asked in the past:

In the past, I had to say no. I really don’t think it’s within my abilities. I don’t feel comfortable doing it, directing the Oscars, maybe because I’ve been so lucky to work, in the past, for amazing hosts.

Miranda indeed wrote for some of the past presenters:

I wrote for Neil Patrick Harris, I wrote his opening and closing numbers for Tony. It’s something else, completely. He and Hugh Jackman are absolute geniuses. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not for me…it’s not something I feel like I can do.

That’s not to say he can’t contribute in some way to the ceremony:

I’d love to write for this year’s presenter, but no, I’m not comfortable presenting.

Remember that in 2021 Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music for several films: Encanto, whose soundtrack topped the charts, but also Vivo and Sognando a New York – In the Heights. He also directed Tick, Tick…BOOM!. His participation in the Oscars as a candidate for one or more prizes cannot therefore be ruled out.

The Academy Awards will take place on March 27 (nominations will be announced on February 8). You can follow all the news of the Oscars in our section.

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