“Literally stepped out of the office with my knees bent!” “

Hugh Jackman is 6.2 feet tall and Wolverine according to the comics is 5.5 feet (Photo credit: IMDb)

Hugh Jackman is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, and the actor has carved out his place not only in the superhero genre, but in many others as well. But did you know that his height early in his career was called a “problem” in choosing him for roles, and that surprised him the most. The actor in his last interview opened up about the same thing.

At the age of 32, Hugh Jackman entered the world of Wolverine and became the superhero everyone loved across the world. The actor has already parted ways with the franchise. Both the studio and the fans want him to make a comeback as soon as possible. But it was not the same when he was chosen as a popular character, the bosses had a doubt given his character. Read on to find out all you should about the same.

Speaking to Express about his entry into Hollywood, Hugh Jackman said, “They told me I was too big! I’m 6ft 2in tall, and when I first got in everyone was like, “Oh, man! They listed all the big movie stars and they were all smaller than me! Maybe it’s for the girls, I don’t know.

“But I know when I started out I spent my time without my shoes doing a half-squat for whole scenes – hey, when you get your first job in Hollywood and they tell you to look shorter, you say, “Absolutely! Twelve o’clock? No problem!’ Plus, squatting is good for your legs! Hugh Jackman added.

Hugh goes on to talk about getting his decisive role at age 32 with Wolverine and the Sony bosses, again emphasizing at his height that the character as per his comic book description was shorter. “I met (Sony Pictures president) Tim Rothman and it was okay, and then when I left his office he said, ‘Oh, there’s only one problem – in the comics. , Wolverine is 5 feet 5 inches tall. I said, “It’s not a problem!” and I literally walked out of his office with my knees bent! “

Hugh Jackman also took the moment to express his gratitude for finding the role even though it was late in his career. “I’m fully aware that I was over 30 when I did this,” he says. “I didn’t really have a profile in Hollywood until then, and I’m happy about that because hopefully at 30 you kind of know who you are, what you stand for, what’s important. for you. I’m sure there are actors who find being famous suffocating and unbearable. But for me, I went in with my eyes wide open, so I’m fine.

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