Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Starts Filming In August Confirms Star


Anya Taylor-Joy confirms that Furiosa, director George Miller’s highly anticipated prequel Mad Max: Fury Road, begins filming in August.

Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa begins filming in August, confirms star Anya Taylor-Joy. George Miller first unleashed the very mad world of Max Rockatansky with his 1979 low budget action film Mad Max. But Mel Gibson‘s Max wouldn’t become truly iconic until the 1981 sequel The road warrior.

The post-apocalyptic automobile chaos of The road warrior made such an indelible impression that Max later returned for a third film, the 1985s Mad Max beyond the dome of thunder, a film in some ways more iconic than The road warrior but also more disappointing (at least in the eyes of many fans). Beyond Thunderdome apparently marked the end of Mad Max’s run on the big screen – until the surprise arrival of Mad Max: Fury Road decades later in 2015. With Tom Hardy stepping into Gibson’s boots, Road of fury has proven that Miller always has the goods when it comes to staging epic vehicle-based action. But beyond the thrilling action scenes of the film, it also introduced a fascinating new character in Furiosa, a wasteland warrior played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron. Furiosa was so memorable that Miller immediately started talking about spinning her in her own movie, and fans drooled over the prospect. But later, when Miller announced that he was indeed moving forward with a prequel Furiosa film, it was revealed that Theron would not be returning and that Taylor-Joy would play a younger version of the character instead.

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Even with Theron out of sight and Taylor-Joy taking the lead role, anticipation remains high for Furiosa. Speaking recently to VarietyTaylor-Joy spoke of her own excitement about playing Miller’s fiercest female heroine and confirmed in the process that the film is going on camera starting in August. Taylor-Joy relayed the information while telling a funny anecdote about her father’s teasing over the name of the iconic character she will play in Miller’s film:

“My father gives me a lot of hell because we speak Spanish, he calls it ‘Furiosa’ [with a Spanish accent]. And I tell myself that this is an English-speaking film. But, like, ‘OK daddy.’ I have a grace period until August, then I will be working back to back until mid-2023.

Anya Taylor-Joy in Peaky Blinders

Taylor-Joy’s new confirmation replaces a previous report suggesting the film begins filming in June. This shoot is actually set to take place in New South Wales, and it has already been reported that Furiosa will be the largest and most expensive production ever in Australia. This is certainly no surprise given the epic nature of the Mad Max franchise. And it’s really good news to hear that Miller and his company aren’t cutting it down and will give Furiosa a cinematic treatment worthy of his stature as an iconic action character.

Of course, on the one hand, it’s disappointing that Theron herself can no longer play Furiosa after creating the character in such a memorable way. On the other hand, Taylor-Joy is a formidable talent herself as she has demonstrated in everything of her breakout film. The witch to his Netflix smash limited series The Queen’s Gambit, so it will be fascinating to see what she does. The best news of course is that Furiosa is still driving and does indeed seem ready to step up a gear. Miller actually worked hard on his other project. Three thousand years of desire since late last year after COVID delayed things. Miller fans are certainly anxious to see what he delivers with his no-Mad Max project, but nothing can match their anticipation for his Furiosa to follow.

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Source: Variety

  • Furiosa (2023)Release Date: June 23, 2023

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