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Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson are working together in Burbank to complete the “Stu” recordings on time.

Actor, director and producer Mel Gibson is working on another film in his prolific career alongside actor and singer Mark Wahlberg.

The two stars seem united in their talents and their desire to erase some mistakes from their pasts, as Gibson has a history of unfortunate statements about racism and Wahlberg has gone to great lengths to erase his years in gangs.

Today, as two men with solid careers in the Mecca of cinema, they are united in the film directed by Rosalind Ross, for the first time in this capacity.

The script, also by Rosalind, seems to be tied to matters of faith and according to what they said, is based on a true story that moved Wahlberg, who is also an executive producer on the film.

Having attended his mother’s funeral and had the honor of seeing her go and carry her casket, Mark is back on set in California and has taken on other projects with Netflix and Sony.

MArk Wahlberg bids final farewell to deceased mother

Mark and Mel have shared scenes in “Daddy’s War” before and apparently they felt so good to share the screen that they didn’t hesitate to work together again.

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