Mark Wahlberg is absolutely unrecognizable in new ‘Father Stu’ set photos


Mark Wahlberg traded his famous chiseled physique for a chunky suit in new footage leaked on the set of his upcoming movie Father Stu.

The 49-year-old actor previously weighed 20 pounds to portray boxer-turned-priest Stuart Long in the biopic, but he looks totally unrecognizable thanks to his beefed up weight, which is further increased by a very realistic fat suit.

Bro Bible describes Wahlberg as “DUMMY THICC” in the images shared on Twitter, while the New York Post note that Wahlberg’s chunky costume added a double chin and significant girth to her waist.

The typically fit movie star recently revealed a three-week body transformation showing a significant increase in stomach size, thanks to a personalized meal plan created by her personal chef Lawrence Duran.

Father Stu is described as a “passion project” for Wahlberg by Hollywood journalist, one he’s been working on for six years. Mel Gibson co-starred as Long’s father, while Gibson’s longtime partner Rosalind Ross wrote the screenplay and will make her directorial debut with the biopic.

Here is THR distribution of the plot:

The story is one of courage, faith and redemption. Long was an angry young man, alienating both the students and priests of the Catholic college he attended, turning to boxing as a release. A hoped-for career didn’t take off thanks to a broken jaw, so he moved to Los Angeles for a career in film.

Even that didn’t work when one night he had a horrible motorcycle accident – he was hit by one car, then run over by another. At the hospital, according to reports, he had an out-of-body experience and rediscovered his faith and enlisted at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon.

The date of the premiere for Father Stu has not yet been announced.

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