Marvel Rumor Teases Chris Hemsworth’s Future After Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is setting records and making MCU history ahead of its July release, which goes far beyond the first time a solo MCU hero gets a fourth movie. Its first trailer dropped just 82 days before the film’s release (an historically short marketing window), and it managed to attract the fourth-highest number of views ever for a trailer released online.

In the same way love and thunder A groundbreaking moment as the fourth solo film, it will also break down barriers and set new standards for representation in comic book movies. Tessa Thompson will represent the LGBTQ+ community as King Valkyrie and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster becomes the new Thor in the MCU in her first leading role in the MCU in nine years.


To many, Jane lifting Mjolnir sounds like how Marvel knocked Chris Hemsworth‘s God of Thunder off the Avengers roster. This, combined with the film’s main villain being Gorr the Butcher God, has many fans wondering if Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor will make it out of his fourth MCU movie alive.

Despite that, a popular industry source says the MCU still has more in store for the Thor that fans love.

Will Chris Hemsworth Return After Thor: Love and Thunder?


Film Industry YouTuber John Campea recently claimed that one of his sources said Chris Hemsworth’s Thor would appear again in the MCU after love and thunder.


Campea was asked on The John Campea Show if he thought Thor was going to die in love and thunder. Campea said that although he “can’t remember if (what he knows) comes from a public source or a private source,” he said that love and thunder “Won’t be the last time we see Chris Hemsworth as Thor, no.”

Campea added that he “won’t say why” he knows that Thor will return in a future Marvel project, which further implies that he has specific information regarding Thor’s MCU future.

Is there more for Thor in the MCU?

Granted, Campea’s claim is nothing more than a quote from a YouTuber ahead of a big summer blockbuster. Even so, there’s been no public confirmation that Thor will return to do another Marvel movie after. love and thunder. If John Campea has heard of Thor’s potential fate in the MCU, it should come from one of his private sources in the industry.


Many fans will recall that Campea generally gets good information when it comes to Marvel movies. More recently, the geeky guru took to Twitter to poke fun at what he thought was a doctored photo of Spider-Man: No Coming Homebut he didn’t realize he was sharing the first-ever image of Sony’s three Spider-Men together with the world.

Further evidence that Campea may have an inside source on love and thunder came when he recently tweeted that he got to see a finished look at Gorr the Butcher God in Thor: Love and Thunder while no official footage of Christian Bale’s villain has been released to date. Similar to how Campea handled their Spider-Man snafu last fall, this tweet was later deleted; however, he reaffirmed a day later on The John Campea Show that his company may have seen footage of Gorr which made them “very happy.”

If Campea is right about Thor staying in the MCU, it might be because the fight that begins in love and thunder may not end when the credits roll. Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher could be a bigger threat than a single threat like the last two villains in the Thor franchise, which could justify Chris Hemsworth’s continued use of the hero for at least one more movie.


Alternatively, Thor sticking around could mean he takes on a similar role to Odin and would be available to help Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor when she needs him. He could also repurpose Stormbreaker and take on Heimdall’s old job as guardian and guardian of Asgard, or he could take on the mantle of King Thor if Valkyrie got tired of ruling the land. If Thor survives another movie, the possibilities of where he can go are endless.

Find out if the God of Thunder survives to see another MCU movie when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.


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