Marvel’s Wolverine may adopt a comedic script (and forget about Logan)

Marvel’s Wolverine should forget about Logan and Hugh Jackman and embrace a 2019 comedic storyline, Uncanny X-Men’s Wolverine and Cyclops.

Based on his brief trailer, Marvel’s Wolverine seems to have a lot of similarities to the 2010 film, Logan, but the game better forget Logan and instead take inspiration from a Marvel 2019 comic book story. Although very little is known about the game so far, other than the information gleaned from the Easter eggs in Marvel’s Wolverine trailer, it is no exaggeration to wonder how the film starring Hugh Jackman will influence the story and setting of the game. the old man logan comic book race, Logan was one of the most beloved and popular X Men films and has proven to be very influential in many of the character’s appearances.


As popular as the movie is, however, Marvel’s Wolverine would do his best to part ways with not only the film but also the portrayal of Hugh Jackman. Instead, the game should aim to bring the Marvel Comics portrayal of the character to life. Not only would this help to differentiate the character in Marvel’s Wolverine of the popular version of Jackman, but will also delight fans of the version of Wolverine depicted in the comics. While there are many interesting stories about Wolverine in Marvel Comics that could make for a great game, there is perhaps none more appropriate than the Wolverine and Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men (2018) # 11-22).

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The story takes place after the mysterious disappearance of the X-Men (who were believed at the time to be dead). The recently resurrected Cyclops, seeing many atrocities humans commit against mutants in the absence of the X-Men, makes a public announcement to all remaining X-Men, asking them to join him and help recreate the team. Wolverine is the only one to show up. In part, the story works so well because it focuses so heavily on the relationship between Wolverine and his foil, Cyclops. This would greatly benefit Marvel’s Wolverine to include Cyclops, as the relationship between the two helps highlight important characteristics of each that make them well-rounded and dynamic characters.

Wolverine and Cyclops’ Dark Tale Fits Marvel’s Wolverine Perfectly

Wolverine Cyclops Jean Gray X-Men

the Wolverine and Cyclops could be the ideal solution for Marvel’s Wolverine dark tone. The story centers on the two characters trying to work together to rebuild the X-Men team, slowly recruiting younger members (made up mostly of former New Mutants students). The game could have several sections built around finding, rescuing, and ultimately recruiting these members. A potential reputation system could also feature in the game, with Wolverine having to work with new members to build confidence and boost morale.

the Wolverine and Cyclops scenario of Strange X-Men is also quite violent, which matches reports that Marvel’s Wolverine emphasizes violence. Much of the storyline centers around a prophecy from the mutant Blindfold, which vaguely tells Cyclops that everyone will die. Unfortunately for Cyclops and Wolverine, they end up violently losing most of their squad, although the game has the potential to remedy this by giving players the ability to save some members by making the right choices. Ultimately, the Cyclops and Wolverine run is the story of two of the most famous members of the X-Men, who spent much of their time hating each other and disagreeing about everything, learning to work together, and building trust and respect. towards their teammates.

Focusing on a scenario where Wolverine, who is a notorious loner who prefers to do everything himself, learning to work as a team and bond with his foil might help differentiate himself Marvel’s Wolverine from Marvel’s Spider-Man, which mainly focuses on its main hero working alone. Marvel’s Wolverine may not officially be a X Men game, but Wolverine’s character will always be at his best when working with his fellow X-Men to some extent, and Wolverine and Cyclops story of teamwork and trauma might be the best way to showcase that part of her character.

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