Marvel’s Wolverine trailer hints at Logan’s Persona patch


Hints in the Marvel’s Wolverine trailer suggest the game could track Logan’s time of infiltration into Madripoor, as he operates under the alias of “Patch.”

The Marvel’s Wolverine There were plenty of Easter Eggs in the trailer, and recent findings suggest Wolverine may adopt his Patch character from the comics. Wolverine’s game has a more mature theme than other Marvel games, and Patch’s storyline in the comics certainly fits that description. Logan’s Time on Madripoor is a less explored plot that could be a new take on a popular character.

Insomniac games confirmed Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider Man share a universe, effectively cutting games from popular Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies. While Fox’s X-Men series and Hugh Jackman have set an expectation for the rugged hero that has thrilled most fans, Marvel’s upcoming game collection has moved away from its cinematic counterparts to embrace a new identity. Due to this sudden change, fans should take a close look at the clues in the brief PlayStation Showcase 2021 trailer.

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Several clues in the trailer suggest Marvel’s Wolverine could include the character from Logan’s Patch, including the in-game location. Although the bar fight in the trailer is dimly lit, posters on the back wall suggest that Marvel’s Wolverine takes place in Madripoor and that Wolverine is at the Princess Bar. In the comics, Wolverine frequented this establishment and knew the owner. Additionally, lying on the bar in front of Logan during the Wolverine trailer is an eye patch (seen briefly in the lower right corner). Logan’s appearance remains largely unchanged during his time undercover in Madripoor, with the exception of an eye patch he wears to “hide” his identity. Naturally, this is a pretty poor disguise and could probably explain the plethora of bodies in the Princess Bar.

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Marvel's Wolverine trailer hints at Logan's Persona patch

It seems Marvel’s Wolverine adopts the comedic version of Logan, using stories never before seen in theaters. If the Wolverine’s Patch storyline kicks in, it could explore a much darker form of the character. In the comics, Wolverine flees to Madripoor under the pseudonym Patch after the X-Men are presumed dead. Wolverine has adapted violent (and fatal) responses to Madripoor criminals without balanced companions like Professor X and Beast to rule his temper. Considering the still bodies left in Logan’s wake during the bar brawl, it’s likely these habits have caught up with him once again.

Despite the many allusions Marvel’s Wolverine trailer, Insomniac Games failed to confirm the legitimacy of the Easter eggs inside. However, the information gathered seems to point to the same comic book scenario. While Logan was Patch, he teamed up with Joe Fixit to fight crime on Madripoor. However, references in the bar suggest the Incredible Hulk may appear in Marvel’s Wolverine instead of. The Hulk could perfectly fill the existence of another impending muscular fight partner as a more popular character than Joe Fixit. Hiding in Madripoor would also fit Bruce Banner’s style, as he tends to hide in stressful areas (like Kolkata in Avengers) while avoiding organizations like SHIELD.

With many Easter eggs spotted in Marvel’s Wolverine trailer, fans have started trying to piece together the plot and details of the game. If Insomniac Games continues the Wolverine’s Patch storyline, as these Easter Eggs suggest, then Wolverine is probably having a hard time. Marvel’s Wolverine has no release date but is a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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