MCU Fans Are Aiming To Determine The Franchise’s Funniest Character

One of the things that cemented the mcu as one of the strongest film franchises of all time, and firmly rooted in our hearts is humor. Almost every film is full of jokes, with many characters bringing their own brand of joy that audiences come to know and love.

In an MCU blockbuster, you’re guaranteed to see epic fight scenes, real emotion, and a good laugh with a character or at their expense, and now fans are wondering which character is the funniest of them all. Is it Tony Stark and his dry sarcasm? Rocket and his brutal but hilarious attacks on his fellow heroes? Or is it Ant-Man and his quirky, lovable attitude?

The franchise was built on humor, bringing in actors known for their comedic chops to take on the role of superheroes. Who would have thought that the awkward, chubby and adorable Andy Dwyer from Parks and recreation would be cast as the intergalactic outlaw Star-Lord?

Even the sars who initially played more serious roles saw comedic development. Marvel saw how fantastic Chris Hemsworth is in comedy and used it, making Odinson’s Adventures one of the wildest in the MCU, thanks in part to having fellow comedian Taika Waititi at the helm.

Thor and Loki’s brotherly banter seems to really make people laugh.

Alongside Loki is the cool, slick Tony Stark. This guy always has a comeback.

Watching Tony try to frame young Peter Parker has its moments.

Scott Lang seems like an obvious choice for many.

It can’t be helped when you think about who is playing him.

But a surprise scene stealer turns out to be Ant-Man’s best friend.

Fans are pretty sure the fast-talking sidekick brings tears to their eyes.

The OP and this user highlighted Korg, played by director Waititi.

But he seems to be the most decisive in this list, especially after Thor: Love and Thunder.

This New Zealander felt like he was turning his back on himself with this opinion.

Although there was a bit of hate towards Korg, apparently until his last release, Drax and Rocket also took a look.

Drax’s inability to understand sarcasm and take everything literally has led to some of the best lines within the MCU.

It’s really hard to pick a favourite, the humor is just too subjective. What the MCU does extraordinarily well is give its audience a bit of everything, so no matter what you like, there’s bound to be a recurring figure that will at least make your mouth poke at the edges.

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