MCU Fans Discuss the Merits of Recycling or Recasting Characters

via Marvel Studios

Until the start of phase four, there was really no logical path for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to recast key characters that aren’t played by Terrence Howard or Edward Norton, unless of course it’s a younger character that ages to accommodate another project later down the line, like us we saw it with Monica Rambeau by Teyonah Parris and Cassie by Kathryn Newton Lang.

However, now that the Multiverse is in play as the main narrative device of the franchise’s final stage, all bets are well and truly off. Technically, Marvel could recast any marquee superhero and explain it away with just one use of the word “variant,” but is that something fans would agree with?

That’s the debate unfolding on Reddit as we speak, with users diving deep into the MCU’s past, present, and future to debate whether certain roles should eventually be recast, or recycle heroes and pass on. coats like Captain America’s. , Black Panther, or potentially even Black Widow is the way to go.

As you can imagine, there are some intriguing takes on offer, as well as some pungency. The X-Men seem to be the elephant in the room, though, with Patrick Stewart’s brief Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cameo being seen as a missed opportunity, while talk of how the next Wolverine could possibly hope to follow in Hugh Jackman‘s footsteps continues to rage.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home delivered the best of both worlds, but we’re very curious to see where the MCU goes, especially when Phase Four seeks to distinguish between established favorites, out-of-the-box replacements, and new names.

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