Mel Gibson tells Britney Spears after blackout: “God will save you”


When Britney Spears went through her very public breakup in 2008, Mel Gibson reportedly showed up on her doorstep telling her that “Christianity would save her and turn to God.”

Spears’ former best friend Sean Phillip has lifted the veil on the trauma Spears suffered in late 2007 that led to the public collapse which sees her being controlled into a controversial tutorship led by her father Jamie in a new interview with the sun.

Phillip, Spears’ former trainer and friend, said after Spears sadly shaved his head and lashed out at photographers, a random crowd of people reached out to the pop star to offer his support.

“I remember Mel Gibson being one of them, telling her that Christianity would save her and turn to God,” Phillip told the newspaper. “Everything was quite surreal. “

Phillip says that in the months leading up to the blackout, Spears was physically and mentally exhausted – and was supported by his team with drugs.

Britney Spears recently testified about her "offensive" guardianship.
Britney Spears recently testified about her “abusive” guardianship.
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When the pop star collapsed in the Pure nightclub in Las Vegas during New Years 2007, the team tried to cover it up.

According to Phillip, when she passed out, “management tried to give her a suspected amphetamine to make her conscious and functional again.”

“The reality is she was sold out,” Philips told The Sun. “She was worked to the bone and was not in a state to continue playing… The drugs she was taking weren’t helping her at all.” She was getting paranoid like I had never seen her before. (When she) passed out in the club at the party she was having… I had to take her out, wear her over my shoulder with a black suit jacket thrown over her, and stop people from trying. to take pictures with their phone.

By the time Phillip brought Spears back to his room, she was “crying hysterically and so upset. She was like, ‘Why am I so accessible? Why do I always do club concerts? ‘ “

Later that evening, Phillip, who now works in wildlife and conservation, recalled: “That night the management came and tried to give him something, in pill form. , and I said, “No, that doesn’t happen.” She was just overwhelmed. I begged them to let her rest.

In 2008, after reports of extreme parties, drug abuse and explosions of violence, Spears was taken out of her home, tied to a stretcher and placed under guardianship, which lasted for 13 long years.

Two weeks ago, Spears testified in open court that his life under guardianship is absolute hell.

“I have an IUD in my body right now, they won’t let me take it out,” Spears said. She has spoken of being drugged to submission, forced to work against her will, and having every detail of her life – choosing her own kitchen cabinets, for example – dictated by a father she calls abusive.

The singer caught on Instagram Friday night, to call friends and family who showed their support for the star only after her explosive testimony, saying their “righteous” behavior does not appear sincere.

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