Mel Gibson’s ‘John Wick’ TV Role Has Fans


On Monday news broke that Mel Gibson had been cast to lead the upcoming John wick spinoff tv series The continental, and fans were completely stumped. Gibson has a long history of abusive behavior, outspoken fanaticism, and lackluster apologies. Many have flooded social media with comments about the casting decision.

Gibson will play a character named Cormac in The Continental, a prequel series about the Mysterious Hotel where assassins like John Wick (Keanu Reeves) can stay safe and get services unique to the movie franchise. No other cast members have been announced yet, but according to a report from Deadline, we know for sure that Reeves himself won’t be on the show. It will air on Starz as a special three-night TV event, but with Gibson playing the lead role, ratings may not be what studio executives were hoping for.

Gibson might well play some sort of villain on the show – the show is said to be about the character of Winston Scott taking over the hotel and defeating an opposing force of assassins. Winston is played by Ian McShane in the movies, but since this show will be set in the 1970s, he’s likely to be played by a younger actor this time around. Many fans believe Gibson’s character will be the former hotel manager that Winston defeats here.

Still, making Gibson a villain doesn’t absolve the studio for choosing him after all of his violent behavior, racism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny over the years. Many commentators see this as a case study of the true effects of “culture cancellation” and as a signal from the entertainment industry itself. Here’s what John Wick fans have to say about Gibson’s role in The Continental.


Finally, there were a lot of comments from fans who were just disappointed with the news, and who were planning not to watch The continental or planned to enjoy it less than before. There is no release date for the series yet.

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Commentators said that by launching Gibson, the studios involved in The continental were sending an unambiguous message to the marginalized communities Gibson attacked, saying they weren’t worth considering. Others have done their best to ask studios to overhaul Gibson before it is too late – if they haven’t already.

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Conspiracy theories

In an age of political disinformation, many felt that Gibson was more comfortable than ever given his history of alluding to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Some even joked that it would impact the John wick franchise, which is based entirely on the idea of ​​a secret and murderous brotherhood.

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Meanwhile, some have said that even people with Gibson’s history could theoretically redeem themselves, but argued that Gibson did not. Again, there were articles, videos and quotes to show his various public apologies, which were widely viewed as insincere.

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Cancel Culture

Many commentators have used Gibson’s cast to rebuke the concept of “culture cancellation” itself. They said if reputation damage alone couldn’t prevent Gibson from being cast in major productions, then there was no valid complaint to be made on the matter.

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Gibson’s scandals are so numerous and span so many decades that many people find it hard to remember the most egregious of them. Many users have gone to work posting accounts of Gibson’s alleged threats and acts of violence, along with his many racist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic quotes.

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First, many commentators have noted the stark contrast between Gibson’s reputation and that of Reeves. They questioned the wisdom not only of casting directors but of publicity agents to allow this change of pace.


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