Mel Gibson’s Many Restraining Orders, Explained


Mel Gibson has a complicated relationship with Hollywood. He has a fairly extensive film career, as he has played iconic roles over the years like Mad Max and Brave Heart. Even though he’s known to be a great actor, it seems he can’t avoid trouble. He still finds it one way or another, and it has sparked a lot of controversy over the years. He is known for his temper and has appeared in court several times.

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With all of his legal issues, it’s hardly surprising that he has had multiple restraining orders and even got one for himself. Between all the drama and custody battles, her private life has really taken over. For a while, Hollywood canceled Mel Gibson and wrote him off for all the horrible things he did. Slowly but surely, Mel has returned to Hollywood, and it seems everyone has forgotten about her drama and restraining orders.

ten Mel has an amicable breakup

mel gibson had a seemingly friendly breakup


It all started in April 2010 when Mel Gibson broke up with his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. The two had recently had a child together and had been dating for just over a year. Having a five-month-old daughter certainly complicated things a bit, but they assured the media the breakup was friendly and that they were planning to co-parent their daughter Lucia together. Everything seemed normal between the two, and nothing was happening other than the fact that they had separated. Just another celebrity couple to bite the dust.

9 Oksana files restraining order

oksana filed an injunction against mel gibson


Things changed when Oksana called an emergency meeting after their separation. Oksana alleged that Mel was violent towards her and her daughter. At the emergency hearing, the judge issued a restraining order which not allowed Mel to have any contact with Oksana. Of course, Mel and her people assured the audience that not everything she accused him of was true. He claimed that she made everything up and that the timelines in her story didn’t quite match. Regardless of what he said, the judge always said that Oksana’s restraining order was still in effect.

8 He can still see his daughter

mel gibson can still see his daughter


After the initial restraining order was filed, Mel expressed some concerns about the exact constraints of the restraining order. Yes, Mel admitted that the restraining order was against her ex, and he had to stay away from her, however, there was a gray area when it came to their. the girl Lucy. Of course, the restraining order wasn’t against her, however, they had to include her in the deal. The restraining order had to be revised, but it was set to include Mel’s right to see her daughter even under the circumstances of the restraining order and the ensuing custody battle. finally.

7 Mel files a restraining order

mel gibson filed a restraining order


Mel decided to complicate matters when he decided to file a restraining order of its own. Mel turned things around when he issued his own injunction against Oksana. Sadly, the case is sealed, so there haven’t been many details that could be disclosed, but it is said to focus on custody and visitation rights, going beyond the original order. . This was just the tip of the iceberg as to what was to come with regards to legal battles and custody battles. Things were going to turn badly between the two, and that was just the start.

6 Battle for custody

mel gibson had a bad custody battle


Of course, a custody battle for Mel and Oksana’s daughter, Lucia, ensued. After numerous court appearances and elaborate legal questions, Mel has undoubtedly satisfied the battery of crimes against Oksana. For this reason, he did not face a prison term. They too reached an agreement when it came to their daughter.

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Mel agreed to pay Oksana $ 750,000 and continue to pay for the house Oksana and her daughter lived in, as well as any additional support for Lucia. He also agreed to pay child support equal to what he pays his ex-wife Robyn for his seven other children. In turn, Oksana cannot take civil action against Mel, in order to have a truce between the two and end their fighting on behalf of their daughter.

5 Things got ugly

things got ugly for mel gibson


While the settlement was meant to be the end between Mel and Oksana, it was far from the end, and a lot of drama ensued. Oksana appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show and accused Mel of domestic violence. Audio surfaced of Mel telling Oksana that she “deserved” to be assaulted and that he would “have buried” her. In the original deal, Oksana was not allowed to discuss anything because everything was settled. Because she broke the deal, Mel is no more had to pay him the money he was supposed to.

4 Finally settled but at a price

Mel Gibson reached a settlement


Mel Gibson’s career really took a hit when this whole ordeal has come to an end. After reaching a first deal, Oksana and Mel’s domestic violence charges not disputing a misdemeanor charge really took their toll on Mel and her character in Hollywood. At the time when he had just released his film The Beaver and it literally exploded at the box office because it grossed less than a million dollars domestically. People weren’t happy with the actor and all the drama around him and that his work was suffering.

3 Mel’s stepmom files restraining order

Mel Gibson's Stepmom Filed Restraining Order


Mel Gibson was not completely out of the woods after the whole saga with his ex Oksana. In fact, his mother-in-law asked for a temporary restraint order against him. According to her stepmother, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, Mel was a physical threat to her and he acted like a “wild man” in her presence. Mel and her sister Maura disagreed about John Hutton Gibson’s medical care.

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As a result, Mel made it clear that he didn’t agree with everything Teddy had to say about his father. According to the restraining order, Mel was to stay at least 100 yards from her at all times and not interfere with Teddy and her husband.

2 Things get ugly

things are getting ugly for mel gibson


Things become really ugly between Mel and her stepmother. She alleged that he spat in her face, which was in all the legal documents she filed against him in Los Angeles. Apparently he had made multiple threats to her and even tried to evict her from the house she shared with her father. Considering his past and all the horrible things he was caught saying on tape, those horrible things he said and did to his stepmom didn’t seem too far-fetched.

1 Go back

Mel Gibson is back


Because of all the drama in his life and all the controversies he has caused over the years, Mel’s career has really taken a hit. It took a few years and a lot of hard work, but he managed to make a return. Since the incidents, he has managed to book quite a few big roles and get a foot in the door by playing again. In 2017, he received an Oscar nomination for best director for Hacksaw ridge, and the film was also nominated for Best Picture, which again drew people to it. He is still working to find the good graces of Hollywood today.

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