Mel Gibson’s Most Honored Movie Is Trending On Streaming

Mel Gibson’s Braveheart is currently tearing up the streaming charts.

By Joshua Jones | Published

A classic Mel Gibson movie kills it on streaming. According to Flix Patrol, the 1995 historical war drama Brave heart is on HBO Max’s Top 10 Movies list right now. The film was directed by Gibson himself, who also starred as the film’s protagonist.

Brave heart focuses on Mel Gibson’s character, Sir William Wallace, a late 13eScottish mid-century warrior who led the Scots during the War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. The epic war drama was primarily filmed in Scotland and learned from June to October 1994. MGM-Pathe Communications was initially attached to the project with producer Alan Ladd Jr.

Once Alan left MGM, Mel Gibson’s war drama found a new home at Paramount Studios. Gibson first passed on the project after reading the script. The thought of Brave heart kept coming back to the actor, and eventually, he decided to join. Originally, he was only interested in directing and considered Brad Pitt for the lead role.

Principal photography on Brave heart began on June 6, 1994. When it comes to epic war scenes, Mel Gibson had around 1,600 extras to represent the armies. The actor had to tone down some of the violence in the post to avoid getting an NC-17 rating from the MPAA.

The Brave heart The score was done by legendary composer James Horner, who worked with Mel Gibson before landing the gig. The score was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and has received accolades over the years. Brave heart The soundtrack became one of the most commercially successful soundtracks in history and was nominated for numerous awards, including the Oscar and the Golden Globe Award.

After its premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 18, 1995, Brave heart received its theatrical release in the United States six days later. In its opening weekend, Mel Gibson’s war drama grossed over $9 million at the box office and eventually managed to hit the $200 million mark worldwide. It became one of the highest-grossing films of 1995.

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Despite the film’s box office success, Mel Gibson Brave heart found itself at the center of many controversial discussions. Author of Braveheart: Hollywood to HolyroodLin Anderson, credited the film with playing a significant role in changing the Scottish political landscape in the mid-1990s. Ian Burrell of The Independent once said that Braveheart was “linked to a rise in anti-English prejudice” .

Two years later Brave heart hit theaters, a sandstone statue of Mel Gibson’s character was placed in the car park of the Wallace Monument in Scotland. Some have complained that the statue has “desecrated” Wallace’s main memorial. The following year, someone vandalized the face of the statue, which later caused it to be locked in a cage every night.

There was also much discussion about the film’s historical accuracy. Elizabeth Ewan said Mel Gibson’s war drama “sacrifices historical accuracy for epic adventure”. In 2019, The Times named the film one of the “most historically inaccurate films” of all time. Mel Gibson even acknowledged in the DVD commentary some of the historical inaccuracies in Brave heart.

Despite all the controversy, Mel Gibson Brave heart is still talked about among moviegoers today. He was nominated for numerous awards during the 1995 Oscar season and the Golden Globe for Best Director. At the end of the 1995 awards season, Brave heart walked away with Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Makeup at the Oscars. Brave heart became the ninth film to win Best Picture without any acting nominations. Independent Film & Television Alliance selected Brave heart as one of the 30 most significant films of the last 30 years.

Not bad for a project Mel Gibson didn’t initially want to play. The success of Brave heart gave the actor enough clout in the industry to helm other projects down the road. Gibson’s next directorial effort was in 2004 The passion of Christ, which was also an awards darling and huge box office win for Gibson. The actor has credited fellow directors such as George Miller, Peter Weir and Richard Donner for teaching him the art and craft of filmmaking.

Mel Gibson’s last directorial effort was the 2016 war drama hacksaw crest. The film starred Andrew Garfield and earned Gibson an Academy Award nomination for Best Director.

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