Melbourne mom loses 25kg with Chris Hemsworth’s Centr weight loss program


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Jayne Brancatisano was at a friend’s bridal shower when she was called in to participate in an activity.

The Melbourne mum had given birth to her second child a year earlier in 2018 and was feeling quite confident having already lost 8kg.

But as soon as she stood next to the bride’s host, Ms Brancatisano said she was devastated and embarrassed by what happened next.

“The girl who organizes the bridal shower said ‘it seems all pregnant women do very well in challenges’ and asked me’ do you know what you are going through? “” Jayne told

“The bride said ‘she had her baby a year ago’.

Jayne, 33, said she was mortified by what had happened – as was the host who made the remark.

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“It was embarrassing because 40 women overheard this conversation.”

The mother-of-two, who works as a real estate agent in Melbourne, said that although the woman’s words were “rude” it ended up motivating her, adding that she still had to change her unhealthy diet.

“I never had breakfast, ate pies or fries or anything fried for lunch and dinner, it was pretty much the same,” she explained.

“Then in the evening I got down to snacks – chocolate, lollipops, cookies, cakes, the list goes on. “

Jayne said her weight got so “out of hand” at one point that she refused to let anyone post pictures of her online.

“I felt terrible and very bad about myself.”

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She explained that a photo of a baptism had also prompted her to lose weight.

“I had nothing to wear and saw a picture of myself afterwards and thought ‘how much I let myself go again at this point’.”

Jayne said she had struggled with weight fluctuation most of her life, but it wasn’t until she came across an article on Chris Hemsworth‘s Centr app in February 2020 that her life took a turn for the worse. completely changed.

“I accepted the 7-day free trial offer and just loved that there were so many cooking ideas,” she said.

“I think that’s half the battle and if you can work out the food you like, but in a more controlled way, then exercise helps on top of that.”

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Jayne said that by the time Melbourne’s second lockdown went into effect, she was working six days a week and one day off.

“It helped me not only mentally (to survive a tough lockdown), but also to develop healthy habits to form a new routine.”

After losing 25kg, the mother-of-two said she is now focusing on building muscle with a variety of strength, conditioning and resistance exercises.

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“Weightlifting made me feel incredibly strong, both physically and mentally, which helped me survive another lockdown in Melbourne.”

She is also currently studying for her certificate 3 and 4 in fitness.

“I love my body now, I love the way it has changed and every day it gets stronger and fitter,” Jayne said, adding “(Ultimately) the one opinion you should value is yours.

“Patience and consistency are essential. Focus on these and you can accomplish anything ”.

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