Nat Geo launches Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth


National Geographic’s annual Shark Fest aired the documentary Shark Beach, and with hosting Chris Hemsworth a lot of people are talking. But if people tune in to see Thor and learn something valuable to help the planet, isn’t that great? The host certainly expresses reverence for the sharks and for the ocean. And that, coupled with information about how humans are destroying the ecosystem, is enough to constitute valuable programming.

Shark Beach aired July 12, 2021 on National Geographic Wild. You can check out the official trailer here, or watch the full schedule on Disney + or with Nat Geo TV.

The documentary also stars Valerie Taylor, an 85-year-old shark expert – watch her in the 1971 Blue Water documentary, White Death.

Brendan Talwar, a researcher at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas who has spent the past ten years researching sharks in the subtropics, told One Green Planet it is worth logging in just to get his two hundred. His research, which focuses on answering questions about conservation, attempts to quantify and describe the effects of fishing on sharks, which Hemsworth accurately describes as the number one threat to global shark populations. And if anyone can attest to that with first-hand experience, it’s Valerie Taylor, who has been diving with sharks since their populations were much healthier than they are today.

Talwar told One Green Planet: “Many shark populations have declined dramatically due to heavy fishing in the 20th century. In some areas, thanks to successful management, they are now stable or showing signs of recovery. But there is still a lot of work to be done. “

For more information on sharks and ocean conservation in One Green Planet, see:

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