Netflix goes to bed with anti-Semite Roald Dahl


Netflix recently decided to sleep with anti-Semitic author Roald Dahl, but this reviewer won’t be watching any work from the deal.

It really pained me to read the news about Netflix’s acquisition of the Roald Dahl company over the past few weeks. Want to know how to amortize the enjoyment of Jewish holidays? This kind of news will do. I not only rolled my eyes but felt a hollow in my stomach. There has been a growing increase in anti-Semitism and Netflix has decided they can get into bed with one. Just because her family has apologized for their hateful views doesn’t mean everything is fine. It was too little and too late. An apology would have been better as long as his bigoted anti-Semitic ass was still alive. It does not have the same impact thirty years after the author’s death. No, that was a programmed apology to make a deal with Hollywood. You know it and I know it!

I won’t watch anything from this chord for the same reason that I no longer watch anything that features Mel Gibson in any capacity. When Richard Donner died, many people were probably watching the Deadly weapon tribute series. Not me. The movies were definitely blacklisted just as I heard about Gibson’s hatred of Jews. While anti-Semitism is the reason I don’t watch or cover Dahl and Gibson, transphobia is why everything from JK Rowling is on my DO NOT WATCH list. I have my own blacklist and it includes anti-Semites, transphobes, and abusers to name a few. Even though I grew up reading and watching Roald Dahl’s work in school, I’m no longer interested in it.

Last year saw the announcement that Taika Waititi would direct two Netflix animated series based on Dahl’s work. I like Taika’s work in general. However, I won’t watch because of Roald Dahl’s anti-Semitism. Likewise, I have no interest in Wonka’s upcoming prequel for the exact same reason. Anti-Semitism is not acceptable and Hollywood must stop rewarding anti-Semites with any kind of deal. Any trailer announcements will be automatically deleted from my inbox as I am not covering anything from Roald Dahl. This even includes screenplays from other films. Take James Bond, for example. Don’t expect a review of the only Bond movie written by Dahl. I have values ​​and I stick to them.

Some people find it normal to separate art from artist. Not me. You cannot separate art from artist when the artist hates Jews. This is not and will never be okay. There is no shortage of Jewish critics, not to mention Jews in general, who do not agree that anti-Semites should be rewarded. Hollywood can and should do better.

Dahl was a rabid anti-Semite and very open about his hatred of Jews. Why then does Netflix think it’s okay to adapt your work for a new generation? This does not agree with this Jewish critic. Not now, never.

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