Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’ Will Open Against Marvel’s ‘Eternals’


What’s interesting about this second trailer for Red Notice isn’t it that it exists or even its content on the screen. It looks as aggressively “well, I guess” as the first teaser, with the caveat that Rawson Marshall Thurber Central intelligence was both very good and better than the trailers suggested. The funny thing is, we’re getting this second trailer for a Netflix movie specifically related to the theatrical release of another “big” Netflix movie.

Yes, for those who live near a Cinemark or associated participating cinemas, the exuberant western by Jeymes Samuel The more they fall opens in theaters a week before its Netflix debut on the 29th. This film stars a row of beloved / well-known black movie star murderers including Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, Zazie Beetz, Regina King, Delroy Lindo and Lakeith Stanfield and frankly it looks like an explosion and a half. If time allows, I’ll try to check it out at the same Cinemark “35 minutes” where I saw Zack Snyder Army of the dead back in May.

Anyway, the real big news in this Red Notice trailer, which again features Dwayne Johnson (as a towering, rule-abiding FBI agent), Gal Gadot (as a slippery and seductive jewelry thief) and Ryan Reynolds (as a meta art thief) -critical and sarcastic) exactly to type, will the film indeed have a one-week theatrical engagement. The film debuts on Netflix on November 12, but will be released in limited theaters on November 5.

Yes, in a biased way, what will likely be Netflix’s most watched movie (Chris Hemsworth‘s movie Extraction grabbed 99 million viewers in one month in the summer of 2020) opens in theaters against Marvel Eternals. This is less of a true box office competition than a show of strength / power, a way to deflect some of the advertising, media, and online discourse from the MCU movie.

Oddly enough, hindsight and all (now that Top Gun: Maverick has been postponed to May 2022 and Ghostbusters: the afterlife was moved to November 19), Netflix had put the film on Netflix on November 19 and let it play in theaters on the weekend of November 12, the now almost empty weekend (only Kenneth Branagh’s favorite movie at the Oscars Belfast opens wide) might have been an easy choice for a relatively busy opening weekend.

Regardless, Netflix obviously doesn’t need any box office revenue for any of its movies, let alone an original, star-focused heist action flick that will seem too appealing to casual Netflix subscribers who open the platform and see Johnson, The beautiful faces of Gadot and Reynolds watch them. I hope it’s closer as a Central intelligence than Skyscraper, but it almost doesn’t matter to Netflix and its friends.

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