Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughter turns 14 and fans are in disbelief

Hannah Hargrave

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are now the proud parents of a 14-year-old – and fans can’t believe where the time has gone.

The couple’s firstborn, Sunday Rose, rang his birthday on July 7marking her second year as a teenager.

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Although the famous parents have yet to share a preview of their celebrations on social media, it’s more than likely the girls have joined in. Nicole and Keith in Pariswhere they worked.

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The Hollywood duo rarely share photos of their children – including 11-year-old Faith – but the two have previously joined Nicole on set.

They had small roles in both big little lies and The defeat also and from the photos it is clear that they are the perfect mix of their parents.

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Sunday and Faith grew up in the film and music industries and are so used to seeing their musician mom and dad working that they take it in their stride.

Sunday suggested she wanted to become an actress

So much so that when Nicole received two Emmy Awards for her performance in big little lies in 2018, and offered one to each of his daughters, Sunday did not want one!

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Nicole revealed the hilarious story during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel livesaying to the host: “Dimanche didn’t want it. She said ‘Oh, I want to win mine.’ I’m like, ‘Here you go, girl!'”

Nicole enjoyed having Sunday and her sister Faith on set with her

The hardworking and passionate teenager is in high school, but don’t expect to see her on Instagram anytime soon.

At the age of 12, Nicole admitted that Sunday was “biting her teeth” to be on social media, but she had none of it.

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“I’m not very technical myself,” she revealed to the Daily mail. “It’s very difficult for me to watch him and stay there. I won’t let them be on Instagram.”

Nicole and Keith have a strong bond with their daughters

The family is incredibly close and despite their hectic careers, Nicole and Keith insist on being present parents to their daughters.

“We never leave the children” she revealed. “One of us is still here.”

And as for how she feels about raising her two young daughters?

“There are so many things. But it’s a joy,” Nicole said. “It’s a joy to have these beautiful little women growing up and I’m discovering them every day. I love it.”

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