Nicole Kidman gives people what we want at Balenciaga

When it comes to viral moments, Nicole Kidman does not disappoint.

On Wednesday, the Oscar-winning actor took part in Balenciaga’s haute couture show in Paris, donning a one-shoulder silver dress with a dramatic train and black opera gloves. Movie stars have long been a standard feature of major fashion shows, whether on the catwalk or in the front row. But Kidman, who has walked alongside other famous faces like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and sell sunset Christine Quinn, became an instant star for one reason in particular: her distinctive gait.

Moving around the room, Kidman slowly and carefully lifts each foot and extends it outward, his exaggerated step on the floor likely the result of his unorthodox heels and commanding train. In the many clips of the actor that have since gone viral, his frantic walk is punctuated by disturbing music. It is clear that it is a moment.

Kidman has been well-established in the upper echelons of Hollywood for the better part of three decades, with her television and film roles earning her awards at the Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes. Simultaneously, it has also become one of the Internet’s greatest joys. See: complete obsession with Kidman commercial for AMCin which she recites an impassioned monologue on the sanctity of cinema in an empty movie theater.

“We come here for the magic,” Kidman says reverently in the ad. The same could be said for why internet dwellers keep coming back to Nicole Kidman‘s many viral moments over and over again.

As in his vast filmography, there is a Nicole Kidman moment for every mood and every situation: Nicole Kidman clapping hands like a seal at the Oscars is shorthand for showing your tongue-in-cheek approval on Twitter. Nicole Kidman on the cover of vanity lounge in the the most notorious low rise mini skirt known to mankind becomes a cheeky avatar for the Change of atmosphere. Nicole Kidman eat insects with chopsticks taps into your sick affinity for clickbait. Nicole Kidman celebrates her divorce from Tom Cruise turns into a ultimate liberation meme. Nicole Kidman assures you that “somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this” becomes the internet’s new favorite catchphrase and inspiration for lots of great merch.

Here’s a woman we can count on to always deliver, whether it’s prestige TV or a serious missive, a good laugh or a good meme. Kidman knows what people want, and she’s more than happy to oblige.

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