Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s marital problems with another woman, Moving house

Nicole Kidman is expected to celebrate her Oscar nomination, but she might be in trouble at home. Rumors abound about her and Keith Urbanthe wedding. Urban is spending more and more time away from home, and Kidman isn’t happy about it. A look at Kidman’s Instagram shows two lovebirds, but the tabloids believe there’s trouble beneath the surface.

Is Kidman mad at Urban’s “secret connection” to another celebrity? Is Urban preparing an intervention for his wife? Was Urban sent home to Nashville? Here’s what some are saying.

Too close to Adele?

Adele’s canceled Las Vegas residency led to Urban taking some of her vacant dates. According to women’s day, Urban was doing Adele a huge favor. Her friends said Adele was “relieved and grateful,” but Kidman felt none of those things. She was furious with Urban for leaving her house alone.

An insider explained: “It looks like Adele snapped her fingers and people-loving Keith jumped to her aid not caring how it might affect the family.” Kidman felt like a third wheel and feared for Urban’s sobriety in Sin City.

Is it remotely accurate? Click here to find out more.

Urban intervention

The title of new idea read “Nicole Faces Shock Intervention!” Urban was worried about Kidman’s busy schedule and felt he needed to bring his issues to Kidman’s attention. “It’s become too much and Keith has every right to be angry,” an insider said. Urban planned to intervene as soon as possible.

Was Urban really planning to intervene? It all feels a bit like bait and switch since Kidman had no addiction issues in the story itself. Tap on these words to learn more.

“We’re Staying in Oz”

new idea was soon again. Kidman was stepping down and demanding a permanent move to Australia, Urban’s career be damned. With his mum’s health a concern, an insider said: ‘For Nic, the time has come to return to Australia. Tennessee’s jet lag made it harder for Kidman to be there for his mother. the Be the Ricardos The star demanded that Urban leave Nashville for good.

Does Kidman move down? The two have lived busy lives throughout their marriage, so would Urban need to kick Nashville to satisfy his wife? Head over here and find out what’s really going on.

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