Nicole Kidman kept nine complete strangers on set


Nicole Kidman got really committed to the Russian accent in her new show, Nine Perfect Strangers.

Star shares behind-the-scenes details on original Hulu series, which she reunited for Big little lies and The defeat creator David E. Kelly, in his October cover interview with Harper’s Bazaar. On the show, based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, Kidman plays Masha Dmitrichenko, a Russian wellness guru who uses unorthodox methods in her exclusive retreat, Tranquillum House.

As the show was filmed in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, the red Mill The actor says the cast – Melissa McCarthy, Samara Weaving, Regina King and other star actors – have been “seething and isolated” together for six months.

“We really bonded, and that’s unusual in our time. Because a lot of times people come in and go and you don’t get that camaraderie and that friendship,” Kidman says.

Although they were filming in Kidman’s homeland, she remained in Masha’s character throughout filming, speaking only with the character’s Russian-American accent. She says she made the choice, because “it felt good, it felt good”.

For Hall, who plays Masha’s divorced guest Carmel, “It was a bit surreal, to be honest. She came in and she was Russian! I didn’t hear Nicole’s real voice until we’re wrapped up. She didn’t break. “

McCarthy, who plays romance writer Frances, added, “She’ll try anything. She’s not afraid to be weird, vulnerable or tough at some point.”

Still, as part of Kidman’s performance, she adds a layer of cuteness to the wellness guru. Kelley says, “She’s able to recognize that a character can behave in an unfriendly manner, so it’s incumbent upon her, with her nuances and performances, to deny that.”

Hall adds, “She’s as good a human being as she is an artist, and that together, I think, only adds to her artistry. It must be the lens through which she looks at life. She’s going to add to her artistry. is really in touch with all of her humanity. And that’s what we see when we look at her. “

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