Nicole Kidman looks completely unrecognizable as Lucille Ball: we can’t believe it’s her!



Nicole Kidman, is that you? The 54-year-old actress looks completely unrecognizable in the first trailer for her new movie, Being the Ricardos, in which she will play the role of late comedy legend Lucille Ball. Kidman shared the trailer on his Instagram page on October 19, writing: “Here is a look at #BeingTheRicardos, on @amazonprimevideo worldwide on December 21 xx”

When it was announced that Kidman would step into the comic icon’s shoes, the internet was somewhat divided. However, after seeing the trailer for the Nine Perfect Strangers As an actress expertly embodying every part of the late Comedy Queen, we think no one can dispute that the casting directors definitely made the right choice.

It looks like Kidman put a lot of work into this role, telling Chris Rock about Actors of variety over actors series that she “must have devoted a lot of time to Lucille Ball at the moment, because she has a very particular way of speaking”. She then added that she was rarely subjected to such comedic rules and added, “I’m well outside my comfort zone right now.”

Kidman’s hard work has definitely paid off, as she seems to have nailed Ball’s unique voice, which can be heard throughout the trailer. While the trailer doesn’t feature much of Kidman as a I love lucy star, the very rare glimpses we get send chills down our spines. And the voice, it must be said, is there! The resemblance is disturbing! “I get paid a fortune to do exactly what I love to do,” Kidman can be heard as Ball’s voiceover for the trailer. “I work alongside my husband who is really impressed with me. And all I have to do is kill for 36 weeks in a row. And then do it again the following year.

The film will also star Javier Bardem, who will play Ball’s husband, Desi Arnaz, and is written and directed by Aaron Sorkin. Being the Ricardos takes place during a week of production of the popular 1950s sitcom, I love lucy, which starred Ball in the title role as well as her husband, Arnaz. The film will cover everything from the couple’s personal and professional lives, the first of which received wide media coverage for the majority of their marriage. Ball did not hide that she wanted to film I love lucy so that she and her husband can be together, which is very evident in the trailer. “Do you know I did this show so Desi and I could be together?” Kidman as Ball says in the trailer. “I had no idea it was going to be a success.”

He looks like one of Ball’s most iconic I love lucy scenes from the 1956 episode, Lucy’s Italian film, which involves the star hilariously crushing grapes, will be recreated, which we are more than thrilled with. Being the Ricardos hits theaters on December 10 and then premieres on Amazon Prime on December 21. We can’t wait to see Kidman and Bardem in action!


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