Nicole Kidman looks completely unrecognizable now – how is that the same person ?!


More pictures from Nicole kidman in character like I love lucyof Lucille Ball have been released, and we can’t believe how different she is! Kidman plays the Hollywood icon in Aaron Sorkinof Being the Ricardos, an upcoming biographical drama about Ball’s relationship with Desi Arnaz (played by Javier bardem). According to Deadline, the film will follow Ball and Arnaz as they “face a crisis that could end their careers and one that could end their marriage.”

And with each new photo released, it becomes increasingly clear why Kidman was cast for the role. With full hair and makeup, the actress looks almost identical to the sitcom star – and much less like herself.

Check out the latest photos of Kidman as a character below (and see if you can recognize her!).

With these red curls, Kidman is undoubtedly ready to play his role of Ball. The iconic hairstyle goes so far in making her look like the part that even her modern coat doesn’t prevent you from seeing her as Lucy.

The new hair is also a hit with fans. One of them commented on Instagram: “I’m happy with the curly bangs!” Agreed!

We can’t wait to see more photos from the film as they are released – and hopefully a trailer will arrive soon.

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