Nicole Kidman opens up about BMX Bandits when she returns to Sydney for the premiere

That’s not to say that she has no admiration for directors, Jane campion, Georges miller and Baz Luhrmann as the local directors who have helped shape his extraordinary career. Indeed, Kidman has maintained many of the relationships she had from the very beginning, including her longtime publicist. Wendy day, who unfortunately must have missed the premiere after recent back surgery, Kidman insisting that she focus on her recovery. In return for a speedy recovery, Kidman invited Day’s medical team to Wednesday’s premiere.

Hail Saint Nicole, may she reign long.

decked out room

Lachlan and Sarah murdoch barely pulled the last of their Christmas freeloaders – I mean guests – out of their Bellevue Hill mansion last week before setting the family plane on fire and packing the kids there, bound for Aspen.

Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch, pictured in 2019, head to Aspen.Credit:SIPA United States

PS learns that the Murdochs will be spending Christmas at their newly renovated Aspen hideaway, which apparently has a huge saltwater pool. With temperatures dropping by the minute, PS can only assume it’s heated – although the idea of ​​Murdochs On Ice has considerable appeal.

The Murdochs will return to Sydney in January ahead of the new school year and Lachlan will resume his global trips to the United States.

Meanwhile, maybe former model Sarah Murdoch could take a cue from her stepmom Jerry Hall’s delivered.

Jerry Hall in the new Saint Laurent campaign.

Jerry Hall in the new Saint Laurent campaign.Credit:Saint Laurent

As the news Rupert murdoch and his fourth wife bought a massive cattle ranch in Montana last week, images of Hall resuming her modeling career have surfaced. The 65-year-old Texan has become the new face of Saint Laurent and appears in a series of dramatic black and white fashion shoots.

Money service?

It was a “no comment” firm from the billionaire at Gina Rinehart office when PS dared to ask questions about the Christmas celebrations it hosted in Sydney last Friday in the penthouse of the Four Seasons hotel overlooking Sydney Harbor.

Top Secret Santa: Gina Rinehart.

Top Secret Santa: Gina Rinehart.Credit:Getty

We can only assume that Rinehart, who is a regular guest at the Four Seasons, shared some Christmas cheer with her chosen ones Рalthough exactly who was on the guest list remains unclear as her former pal. Alain jones (who PS can reveal enlisted a friend and a prominent Sydney lawyer Margaret cunneen as a non-executive director of his new media group Australian Digital Holdings) was not there. Another usual guest of Gina, Deputy Prime Minister Barnab̩ Joyce, was isolating himself following his diagnosis of COVID-19.

Apparently the evening was fully organized, so we can rule out that Rinehart continues in the family tradition of a stuffed turkey baked for 12 hours and a drizzled plum pudding, which she wrote about lyrically in her cookbook ago. a few years.

Maybe she indulged in that other Rinehart family tradition – no, not litigation – but polishing the family silverware? “We would polish the money together, enjoy that special moment together, love the silver items passed down from her parents, prepare them for Christmas, another beautiful tradition that I carried on with my children,” she writes in the book of the kitchen.

Cautious christmas

He’s a brave soul – though some might say reckless – who plans to throw a party for 600 people amid a pandemic and the quicksand of COVID-19 restrictions.

Liberal Party broker Michael Photios.

Liberal Party broker Michael Photios.Credit:Daniel Munoz

On Wednesday afternoon, guests were informed that the celebrations planned for the 10th anniversary of the liberal lobbyist Michel Photoos the PremierState outfit had been canceled after a team member tested positive for COVID-19.

“With a necessary and abundant sense of caution – just 10 days from Christmas – we have taken on the tough call that best protects you, our staff and clients, Members of Parliament and State and Federal government ministers as well as their staff, the media and all of the firm’s friends to cancel the event tonight, “Photios informed his guests.” With just under 600 guests, you will understand how devastated we are. However, we plan to reschedule the celebrations in the first quarter of 2022. “

Give the place a boost

It seems unlikely that the Seven West Media heir Ryan stokes and his wife Claire’s their ambitious $ 16 million Darling Point stack rebuild will be ready in time for Christmas.

Media heir Ryan Stokes and his wife Claire won't be around this Christmas, judging by the work on their multi-million dollar mansion in Darling Point.

Media heir Ryan Stokes and his wife Claire won’t be around this Christmas, judging by the work on their multi-million dollar mansion in Darling Point.

The historic arts and crafts property, called Rilworth, is still covered in scaffolding as work continues on the renovation designed by Luigi Rosselli, which includes entry into the mansion’s attic to create new bedrooms and bathrooms and interior design reconfiguration to add an elevator and a pilates studio.

Meanwhile, an on-site visitor informs PS that the jaw-dropping postman is in the new circular three-story stairwell under a large, oval-shaped glass skylight, nicknamed “the Eye of Sauron.”

Spender’s big spenders

Hopeful Wentworth Allegra spendthrift is set to make his TV debut in a high-profile appearance on Network Ten’s The project next week in an interview shot not inside his own home, but the Woollahra scavenges the benefactors of the countryside Daniel and Lyndell Droga.

Allegra Spender is running as an independent candidate for Wentworth.

Allegra Spender is running as an independent candidate for Wentworth. Credit:Louise kennerley

Beyond the call of duty a lot? But it appears there is no limit to sponsorship from the private equity couple who have been with Spender since her announcement in late November that she is running for the Eastern Suburbs headquarters.

While Lyndell is the primary spokesperson for the campaign and the two are Spender’s primary funders, support is more important. Take Droga’s Daughter Measurements Lucy, who led a team that created the Youth of Wentworth social media account on Instagram in July.

Daniel and Lyndell Droga.

Daniel and Lyndell Droga.

Two days ago, the formerly non-partisan account came out in favor of Spender. No surprises there.

But it should be noted that this is not the Drogas’ first political rodeo. Feedback from donors from the Australian Election Commission shows the couple donated $ 20,000 to GetUp in the 2019-20 fiscal year. Presumably, they have learned that their money goes further when they go straight.

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