Nicole Kidman relies on Philip B rejuvenating oil for her curls


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There’s a lot of talk about Nicole Kidman‘s hair, but it’s just never enough. Her hair is gorgeous and a scene stealer in and of itself, and not surprisingly, requires a lot of careful maintenance. The natural redhead has donned a number of hairstyles (and even a few color changes) over the years, and she recently revealed that she uses a product to keep her hair in its prettiest condition.

To apply the product, Kidman drains oil over a large part of his hair. She then loosely braids her curls, saying, “It makes me feel like I could sleep without it getting tied up.” She added that when it comes to her favorite beauty routine, she currently thinks “less is more, especially as I get older.”

Previously preparing her beauty routine for In the styleKidman said she has a limited window of time for personal care, which means her products need to be as effective as possible. “I’m a five minute girl in the morning and evening. I have to put my kids to bed and spend time with my husband [Keith Urban]. I’m not going to sit there for an hour pampering myself, ”she said.

Buyers, like Kidman, love the Philip B Conditioner Treatment. It is formulated with almond oil and mild jojoba oil and revives dry, lifeless hair. One reviewer credited the oil with repairing “badly damaged hair,” while another called it “essential” for restoring winter-dried hair.

“I am honestly shocked at how this product restores my porosity, keeping my hair as soft as cotton and beautiful to the touch. By keeping it so damp and soft, [the oil] protects the hair from getting crisp and completely breaking “, another review has been added. Several buyers also noted that their hair was “softer” after use.

A product that softens and revives hair while earning the Kidman seal of approval herself? Looks like this is one to buy on Amazon and Dermstore now.

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